They are unsightly and reveal tiredness and fatigue. Fortunately, there are tricks to scare them away or hide them with makeup if it’s too late.

1. Rest. Not obviously, something must happen. Dark circles reveal lack of sleep. Conversely, a seven or eight hour break takes them away. If they’ve swollen up, you can cut two cucumber slices and apply them over your eyes. This vegetable reduces swelling due to lack of rest.

2. Sun protection. Whether winter or summer, the skin needs protection against grape rays. Even more in that latitude, especially sensitive.

3. Sleep. In bed it is essential to have the head higher than the body to facilitate the distribution of blood. Also, it is said that it is an idea to lie on your back.

4. Routines . Applying cold water in the morning helps to lower the bags.

When they have already appeared and there is no other choice but to cover them, makeup is infallible as long as a few steps are followed.

5. Prepare the skin. Apply a good eye contour cream to refresh and deflate the area.

6. Cover them with makeup. Choosing the right color for your skin tone is vital.

7. Apply a pinch of concealer just above the dark circles with a brush and spread it with your fingertips.

8. Add shade. The more dark circles, the softer the shade used should be.

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