The 7 commandments to take care of your hair


Have you ever wondered if you take proper care of your hair? We give you the basic tips to establish the beauty guidelines that your hair needs to be healthy and shine in all its splendor.

1. Each person has a different type of hair, so it is very important to choose the line that best suits our hair type: grade, dry, weak, split ends, frizzy, with dandruff, sensitive, etc.

2. Find out which wash frequency works best for you. It is not recommended to wash your hair every day because it can cause a rebound effect: oily roots and damaged ends. Day yes day is not a good routine to try. There are hairs that hold clean more days. For specific cases, you can try the dry shampoo.

3. Don’t apply too much shampoo. A walnut-sized quantity is correct. To make foam, add a little water.

4. The water should be warm. If it is cold, it does not dissolve the fat; and if it is too hot, it spoils the hair.

5. Rinse the soap and conditioner very well. If you have any remnants, your hair won’t shine.

6. If you dry or iron it regularly, give it a break from time to time and let it air dry.

7. In your pantry you will find fantastic ingredients to make moisturizing masks: avocado, banana, honey or sweet almond oil. If you prefer easier, there are products with essential oils of these ingredients: oil organic coconut , castor oil , argan oil , avocado oil or oil baobab .

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