Nails can say a lot about our health. Even getting on the trail of a serious problem. Watch them and take care of them!

A healthy nail has a uniform pinkish color. It is usually smooth, strong and without deformations. However, aging, the abuse of enamels or other chemical products, as well as the consumption of certain medicines can make them brittle or can cause alterations. If they persist, it is advisable to consult the GP as it may be a symptom of some serious illness.

White spots

The presence of white spots on the nails is known by the medical term Leukonychia. They can appear from a previous nail injury, allergy or infection. If the spots persist and do not disappear, it is important to consult a doctor. They could be a consequence of kidney, heart or cirrhosis disease.

Dark spots

A dark band at the tip is generally associated with aging but can also appear from liver disease, heart failure, or diabetes. If a dark spot appears on any of the nails, you should also consult a doctor as it could be a melanoma.

Depressions in the nail

These are known as Beau’s Lines and are characterized as transverse depressions in the nail. They may appear after injury, during chemotherapy treatment, or due to nutritional deficiencies.

Yellow nails

If the nails lose their pink hue and a yellowish color appears on the entire surface, it may indicate that you have a respiratory disease, such as bronchitis. It can also be a consequence of lymphedema, inflammation of the hands and arms, which appears in many mastectomized women who have had their lymph nodes removed as part of breast cancer surgery.

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Fingers like drum sticks

It is known as acropaquia or digital hipcratism and is characterized by having the fingers as drum sticks, that is, more rounded at the tip as well as the nail curved downwards as if it were a turned spoon. It can be produced over the years by lung disease. It can also occur when there is a cardiovascular, intestinal or liver pathology.

Spoon nails

When the nail takes the shape of a spoon, it can indicate that you have an anemia problem or that you have liver disease. It can also alert you to possible hypothyroidism.