Google Adsense
Google Adsense

A while ago we told you about various ways to earn money online . In that post we told you that the easiest way, and the first one you should dare to exploit, is monetization through Adsense .

What is Google AdSense?

Adsense is the digital platform belonging to Google that concatenates with the Google Adwords system. The operation is simple. When we contract display campaigns through Google Adwords, the ads are shown in certain page spaces that have Adsense integrated. In other words, Adsense is the advertising medium for Adwords display campaigns.

Google receives money each time a user clicks on one of the ads, or each time an ad is shown a thousand times. Similarly, pages that work with adsense, receive a part of that money either for each click or for every thousand impressions.

How is AdSense implemented?

Implementing AdSense on a website is relatively easy. Just register on the Google AdSense website  and link your site or websites. After this link, Google will have to validate that your web pages are of sufficient quality and do not violate its policies so that you are accepted within the platform. This check usually takes 15 days. It is important that we have a good web design so that the page is prepared to incorporate ads.

Choose the location of the ads.

When we have our AdSense account we must indicate where the different ads that the platform offers will be shown. There are different formats, resolutions and spaces so that we can integrate them in the points of our website that best adapt to their structure without becoming a nuisance for the user. It is interesting to use programs that allow us to extract heat maps from our website in order to take advantage of hot spots with advertising formats that maximize monetization.

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Once we are clear what are the ideal points for our ads, we will extract the AdSense ad units and through HTML code we will insert them in the chosen spaces of our website.

How much does Adsense pay?

There is no exact answer to this question. As we mentioned, Google AdSense is the support for Google Adwords Display campaigns, so the cost per click or CPM will depend exclusively on the advertiser’s bid. There are cheaper bids and more expensive bids. It is important, therefore, that if we want to dedicate ourselves to establishing micro-niches to monetize through AdSense, let’s study those sectors where the bids are highest.

Eye. When we identify a high bidding niche, it is indicative of a highly competitive sector. Greater competition means that greater efforts will be necessary to position the content and attract acceptable volumes of traffic that allow us to monetize through this system. Here we must weigh the time and resources that we want to invest and adapt to the most efficient niche according to our time, money and desire to work.

The SEO positioning is the ideal means to attract profitable traffic to monetize a website with Adsense , but we can always rely on other channels such as social networks or forums.

Are there other platforms besides Adsense?

There are different alternatives to AdSense. Either because AdSense blocks your account for a policy violation or because your niche is contrary to its guidelines, you can try Amazon Assocciates, Ylliix Media, Chikita, Media.Net, PropellerAds Media, Pop Ads or many other platforms. It is important to explore the different options through multiple websites in order to identify those that give us the greatest benefits.

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