If you are one of those who cannot live without your professional manicure, we give you several tricks so that you can enjoy perfect nails without going through the beauty salon.

To get a perfect manicure it is not always essential to go to your favorite beauty salon, you just need a few simple tricks, a good pulse and the necessary products to create a nail design of a professional. If you don’t have much of a hand for a manicure, there are also tricks that will get an incredible result instantly.

Patterns for chic nails

Whether you want baby boomer nails, a design with geometric patterns or an ombré manicure, the nail foils will be your salvation if you cannot go to the beauty center. Unlike gel nails that require a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of materials, in this type of manicure you need nothing more than a set of foils and a nail file.

The sheets are glued on the nails and filed for a natural result, it is very simple. We recommend applying a top coat base to make the patterns last longer. Then apply clear nail lacquer to protect the foils .

Perfect nails in seconds

Even if you are lazy to do your manicure, you will discover that you only need a few seconds to show off your own nails from the beauty salon. You just need to apply your favorite enamel and stick some simple stickers to give a more original touch to your nails. You can choose patterns of stars, flowers or butterflies to give a touch of originality to your nails.

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False nails for a perfect manicure

False nails are also a way to get a perfect manicure without leaving home. You just have to choose the model that best suits your tastes and the shape of your nail and glue each of the pieces for an incredible result. At Amazon you can find different models with more pointed, rounded or square shapes to have the finish you want.