Aloe is a plant whose leaves contain a highly hydrating transparent gel, capable of quickly calming skin irritation, promoting healing and delaying cellular aging.

Aloe is an ornamental fat plant whose leaves contain a highly moisturizing transparent gel , capable of quickly calming skin irritation, promoting healing and delaying cellular aging.

Despite the fact that there are currently some 300 recognized varieties of aloe vera, only three or four possess therapeutic properties. Among these, Aloe barbadensis Miller stands out , whose gel extracted from the pulp of the leaves is widely used in the medical and cosmetic sector . There are more and more products that, among its ingredients, incorporate this substance rich in vitamins and capable of treating numerous skin problems.

Aloe vera has a high content of water and nutrients , among which are vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E), minerals (such as calcium, iron, magnesium or potassium), amino acids ( lysine, leucine, mationin, serine, etc.), enzymes and sugars. Also, its texture and composition allow it to penetrate easily and quickly into the skin . For all these reasons, this substance is one of the most used in the elaboration of moisturizing , regenerating, nourishing and healing creams , since to feel its effect you only have to put it in direct contact with the body.

This plant has the property of immediately combating dehydration of the skin and participates in cell regeneration, which contributes to slowing down skin aging and deterioration. In addition, it helps activate circulation and allows healing of scars, burns, blisters, canker sores, edema, insect bites and ulcers. It also offers sun protection, helps fight allergies, relieves muscle pain and arthritis and helps eliminate dermatitis, herpes and fungi .

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