Pursue Make-up Artist
Pursue Make-up Artist

A make-up artist is a professional artist who transforms or enhances the appearance of a person using mediums applied to the skin. They work to conceal imperfections or highlight positive attributes and at times also provide a remedy to an issue. Thus they work to enhance the personality of customers and in the process augment their confidence level. Makeup artists are in great demand in theatrical/film productions as they bring to life characters using prosthetics and other makeup techniques. Basis requirements, makeup artists use the following techniques:

    • Fashion makeup: Ramp walk during fashion shows as well as magazine photoshoots require experimental themes in makeup and is known as fashion makeup. Fashion makeup is also used in TV and film that requires a natural prime look or a more sophisticated application like color balance.
    • Theatrical makeup: The stage makeup artist has to use such a makeup technique that even in the stage lighting, the actor’s expressions are visible to the audience from a distance. This may include highlighting of eyes, lips, and facial bones and at times even hiding certain facial features. 
    • Special make-up effects (FX makeup): Certain projects that need to present non-human appearances, demand the use of prosthetics and plaster casting.  Makeup artist ensures that such characters come to life. 
    • Airbrushing:  HDTV and digital photography cameras focus on higher depths of detail. Liquid foundation, which is thin in consistency but high in coverage, is applied with airbrush technique without a heavy build-up of product.
  • Bridal makeup: Makeup artists are an important part of any wedding function to give the bride and groom a contemporary glamorous look. 
  • High definition: To give the skin a flawless finish, light reflectors and ingredients such as minerals are used in the makeup. This technique was developed due to development in high-definition mediums.
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Skills required for being a good makeup artist:

  • Good communication skills to understand the specific requirements and concerns of the client. Communication skills will also help in building clientele and growing your business.
  • Communicate with other members of the makeup design team to ensure there is no confusion in the client brief.
  • Sketch your ideas of makeup
  • While doing makeup, take into consideration the occasion, lighting, backdrops, surrounding colours, etc.
  • Maintain proper hygiene, safety, and sanitation
  • Proper time management 
  • Well maintained current portfolio of work

Makeup artist courses in Delhi:

Various courses in Fashion and Celebrity makeup are available but you should study those makeup artist courses in Delhi that provide competencies to students in every aspect of this industry. Following deliberations to be made while choosing a good makeup course:   

  • The course should be in sync with current trends at both the national and international level
  • The course should give learning about latest product developments
  • The course should impart knowledge about skin science-skin care, skin types; hair types, facial features,  beauty & general cosmetology 
  • The course should offer competencies in the use of cosmetic products basis varied skin/hair types 
  • Knowledge about hygiene and makeup etiquettes 
  • Courses should offer a practical understanding of effects on makeup due to lighting, the photographic process, use of colors and props.
  • Courses must teach about the impact of make-up processes on the skin and what action needs to be taken to minimise unpleasant side effects 
  • Knowledge about various makeup techniques 
  • Courses must offer curriculum for additional career support such as Yoga/fitness expert, personality development program, etc. 
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The student will only be able to perfect his art if he/she practices whatever he learned in the course.