Dear men, do you want to change your hairstyle for a completely new office look? Do you want to keep your long hair for experimenting while maintaining a formal hairstyle? Are you looking for some latest hairstyle inspirations for the summer season?

Well, well, if this is the case, then you have reached the right page on the internet today!

While women have a lot of variety and options in terms of hairstyles, men have limited options to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that they are left with monotonous office hairstyles only. There are many impressive and cool formal hairstyles for men of all ages and men with all hair-lengths that they can flaunt on office days. In the following discussion, you can find some of the best office hair looks for men in 2020.

So, check out all these hairstyles and choose the one that appealed to you the most and suits your face structure in the best manner.

  1.     The famous Crew Cut

If you have a long face with square-ish corners, then the famous crew cut is one of the best office hairstyles for you. This has always been a favorite of all the office-going men and is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles. You don’t require a lot of time to maintain your hairstyle, and you are all set for the presentations, casual outings, meetings, and client sessions. If you have a beard, even then, this hairstyle will look well with almost all kinds of beards.

  1.     The Classic Side-part with a modern twist

Another one of the most famous formal hairstyles for men is the classic side-part hairstyle. However, you can give it a modern twist by trimming your side hair and back hair. The trimming should be done such that the hair length is increased from the base of the neck and sides of the ears towards the top. If you are able to use a trimmer, make sure you invest in a high-quality trimmer for the best results. Otherwise, you can also go to an expert hairstylist. You can find men’s grooming products online on personal wellness websites such as Mensxp. Apart from finding hoards of men’s grooming essentials, you can also make use of goodies such as the MensXP Coupon Code to enjoy savings on every purchase.

  1.     Ivy League

This is yet another formal hairstyle that imparts an elegant and classy look to the wearer. This is also called Harvard or Princeton cut and looks dapper with or without beards. If you wish to make this haircut a little more cool or sophisticated, go for highlights two shades lighter than your hair. If you have lighter hair naturally, then you can also opt for gradients of browns or blonde colors.

  1.     Pushed-back waves for a tamed long hair look

If you have long hair (as in up to 2 inches), then you can make them office-ready by sweeping them backward in natural waves. Don’t wear a hairband as it looks offensive in office. Apply some medium-hold hair gel or hair wax once you are out of the shower. Now take a wide-toothed comb and comb them backward. Don’t apply too much pressure to achieve a wavy look. You can later use your fingers to arrange them as you feel best suited to your face-cut. If you don’t have these hair essentials, you can shop all these essentials online and make your shopping penny-wise by using MensXP Coupon Code.

  1.     Faded Undercut

If you are a man that loves to wear his stubble, you can achieve a sold running hair look with this hairstyle. The faded undercut allows you to comb your hair on one side as well as with parting. So, you can create a lot of many styles with just a few experiments.

  1.     Pompadour with a sleek side part

This is one of the best and famous classic hairstyles that have made a huge comeback. The pompadour allows you to experiment with your hairstyles for casual and formal looks. It looks good on medium-length hair as well. You can use a regular comb or even your fingers to give your pompadour a shape as per your preference.

  1.     Mid-length cut

A mid-length cut allows you to rock your long locks more stylishly. You should get this hairstyle done if your hair is straight and not wavy. If you have wavy hair, this hairstyle might make your hair look too unruly for office.

  1.     Quiff with short sides

Another one of the playful formal hairstyles is a quiff. You can have a quiff with short side hair, trimmed sides, or faded undercuts. We recommend using a narrow-toothed comb for giving the right hold to your quiff. You can also get copper-brown highlights to make your quiff appear more stylish.

  1.     Side-swept fringe with high taper

This hairstyle is just like a dream come true for the summer season. This is a highly professional haircut that you can sport in offices without downing your style quotient.

  1. A neat man bun

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your man bun, then keep it neat and clean. Tie them in a neat high bun by using a narrow-toothed hair comb. You can also use a tail comb for creating a mess-free man bun.

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This completes our list of the best office hairstyles for men in 2020. We hope that all our readers find this write-up helpful and handy in choosing a new and unique office hairstyle. Did we miss any hairstyle that you wished to see on this list? Which one of these hairstyles did you like the most? Please share your opinions, feedback, and reviews with us in the comment section.