It doesn’t matter how many times a week you wash your hair, it always seems dirty. And the important thing is not how much, but how.

A soft greasy film is vital for the balance of the scalp. “But hormonal disorders, stress or a poor diet can stimulate excessive sebaceous production ,” warn Mamen Almela and Giuseppe Sciannimanico, stylists at the Green Hair & Beauty salon .

The result: lack of volume at the roots and a dirty appearance. “Fine and straight hair is more likely to be greasy, even when the ends are very dry”, emphasizes the hairdresser Lorena Morlote. This forces you to look for products that tackle the root problem but without dehydrating. “The ideal is to wash it every other day. To avoid the ‘stuck hair’ aspect of the second day, we can do a very tight ponytail or ponytail with a very strong line. It is also an option to apply talcum powder or dry shampoo on the root, wait a minute and remove it with a brush. “

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