Can you imagine a healthy, delicious and cosmetic drink at the same time? It seems like a dream but it is already a reality.

Science advances, the world of cosmetics too and with all this nutricos metics surprises us with products such as the new Vichy d’Or drinks that show their amazing results.

This new range of functional drinks combines the quality and properties of Vichy Catalan and the natural hydration of Font d’Or water with natural components, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. This combination occurs because there are components of creams and cosmetics that are absorbed only in the superficial layers of the skin but others, such as those used in the Vichy dOr range , reach the innermost layers of the skin. skin where they perform their function, since they act from the inside.

For this reason, the Vichy d’Or treatments are not only drinks but establish the new protocol of youth: they are the solution to revitalize and restore the skin from within , externally reflecting that brighter and healthier aspect of the skin.

The range of these treatments offers the appropriate solution for each type of need. Thanks to the excellent and guaranteed formula of each of the two new products, they define their specific function for skin health.

These new functional Vichy d’Or drinks are non-carbonated, 0% sugar, contain neither lactose nor gluten. They are comfortable and easy to take and, in addition, they have a super pleasant flavor.

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Protect d’Or offers intense hydration and nutrition to the skin from the inside, externally providing a radiant and healthy aspect of it.

The components that make it up, such as pomegranate or grape extract, help the skin to face multiple external aggressions: tobacco, cold, contamination … as well as the internal factors that generate free radicals, which cause wear and tear and cellular oxidation externally reflecting the premature deterioration of the skin.

Protect d’Or’s select antioxidants neutralize these radicals, protecting cells from oxidative damage, thus consuming this drink will cause effects from within: the skin is internally healthier.


Repara d’Or offers an intense restoration and nutrition to the skin from the inside, providing externally a smoother, firmer and more elastic aspect of it.

Its daily consumption repairs the skin internally, which externally reflects its benefits on skin with less signs of aging, greater firmness, hydration and luminosity.

Both products allow you to take care of yourself in a comfortable and pleasant way, this new category of drinkable nutricosmetics arrives at the pharmacy with products that are also appetizing for their pleasant taste and texture. In addition,  they can be combined, enhancing their benefits , avoiding premature skin aging with Protect and minimizing the signs of aging with Repara, in this case it is recommended to consume Protect d’Or in the morning and Repara d’Or in the afternoon. .