Since a smartphone is closer to being a computer than to a simple mobile phone, our recommendation is that you learn to use it in-depth, even those options that are not so indicated for day-to-day use. 

Using your Samsung Galaxy S8 in user mode may be enough, but only by going deeper into the settings will you know how your mobile really works.

One of the secrets that Android hides is the developer mode or the options intended for those who create applications and services. 

To activate this mode, you must perform a hidden sequence that activates endless options for the most pro. But do not think that these options do not interest you since, as we will explain below

As we said, it is worth knowing in-depth about how your Android works. So let’s take a look at the developer options – they’ll be more useful to you than you think.

How to activate developer options on Samsung Galaxy S8

It is not too difficult and it is universal: all Android devices work the same way.

  • Access the settings of your Android and enter About this device option of your samsung galaxy s8
  • Find Software Info option and tap on it.
  • Find the build number and tap on that number 6 to 7 times.
  • The latest versions of Android (from Oreo) will ask you to enter your unlock code in the event that you have implemented security on your mobile (which is highly recommended).
  • When you have completed the authentication you will have the developer options active.
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A new menu will have appeared in your Android settings, the one referring to the developer options. As soon as you enter you will see that there are many available configurations: our recommendation is that you do not touch more than what is essential

Benefits Of Enabling Developer Option In Samsung Galaxy S8:

There are too many benefits are present but some of them are given below.

Debugging mode:

This mode is essential for most of the applications that communicate the computer with an Android. 

It is also necessary if you are going to use the ADB communication protocol, very useful for advanced configurations. USB debugging can block the launch of some applications or games, like Fortnite and many more, you should have it activated only when you need it.

Make your mobile consume much less battery:

Developer options include a small tweak that can dramatically extend your smartphone’s battery. To do this you have to disconnect the connection to mobile networks when you connect to a Wi-Fi: enter the developer options and deactivate the “Always on mobile data “. It usually comes activated by default.

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Eliminate animations to make your mobile go faster:

Android inserts certain animations when you make a switch between applications, go back to the desktops or open an app. if you disable these animations, you will have the feeling that everything flows faster.

To remove animations from Android you just have to do the following:

  • Access the developer options and look for the “Drawing” category.
  • Take a look at the three scales within that section.
  • Set each of the scales to “Animation off” (“window”, “transition-animation”, and “animator duration”).
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Your mobile will not go faster effectively, but you will appreciate the difference since it will not be lazy by interspersing animations every time you press a button.

Limit background processes:

You do not need applications that are responsible for removing apps in the background since Android itself does the function perfectly. 

But, if your mobile does not have a lot of RAM memory or you want it to not keep too many applications open, you can always force a more drastic maintenance mode: this way the system will be stricter when closing applications that are not active on the screen. Be careful, it can affect applications like WhatsApp

If you want to lower the background app limit do the following:

  • Go to the Applications section.
  • Go to Limit background processes
  • Activate 4 processes maximum


All the details about developer option and its benefits are given above; if you are in the search of this then now your research is over with this article. I hope you understand all the details, if you have any question related to developer option then ask us in the comment section