The best experts in aesthetic medicine choose which are the essential assets for the health of our skin. See if any of them are in your face cream.

Skin care involves (in addition to daily cleaning) trying to prevent and mitigate the signs of aging . Most facial creams already include ingredients that achieve results that were previously only possible with surgery. These active ingredients have proven their effectiveness and are therefore essential in any anti-wrinkle product, in anti-aging creams and even in treatments to care for normal skin.

Dr. Isabel Aldanondo of Skinceuticals , divides the molecules into three groups: “Those that prevent aging (this group includes antioxidants and, even more importantly, sunscreens); the correcting molecules (among them the king would be retinoic acid); and that of those that regenerate and hydrate , that of alpha hydroxy acids or emollients (where the hyaluronic acid is located) ”. With this distinction in mind, we analyze which products cannot be missing from your facial cream.

1. Molecules against photoaging

Since we know the dangers of the sun and its acceleration of skin aging, much progress has been made in terms of textures and formulations to protect it from the sun’s rays. But, what is the best composition that a facial cream can have that also has sun protection ? First you have to distinguish between physical or mineral filters (those that act as a screen, causing the sun’s rays to bounce and not penetrate the skin) and chemicals(that allow the absorption of solar radiation and transform it into energy that is not harmful to the skin). One of the most important cosmetic revolutions in the field of sun protection occurred “by replacing the synthesis filters with plant molecules that naturally absorb UV, more suitable for the skin. Another milestone in sun protection was to turn them into anti-aging treatments.

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2. Retinol: the best for wrinkles

In Objective Well-being we already tell you the lies and truths about retinol. Much has been debated about this component and all doctors agree that retinol is one of the active ingredients that has revolutionized cosmetics . Over the years, it has only strengthened its position, proven effective. Both retinol and retinoic acid are vitamin A in different chemical forms. “Both have a powerful rejuvenating effect , act against stains and stimulate collagen production,” says Dr. Antonio Licitra, director of Med-Estetic.. The expert advises the use of facial creams that contain it, with night application and rest periods. But be aware of the number of brands whose emulsions do not contain the necessary dose to be effective. “For an anti-aging cream to work it must contain at least 0.3% retinol .”

3. Paralyze the muscle: the Botox

That is what botulinum toxin does, it prevents the nerve from communicating to the muscle that it must contract. We are facing another of the aesthetic revolutions: when the puncture is good, the face seems rested , more childish, and nobody notices anything. Of course, when the puncture is not successful we can find a changed expression or an unnatural smoothness, especially on the forehead. However, all experts are in favor of its use to correct the marks or wrinkles that appear over the years.

4. Lifting without surgery: calcium hydroxyapatite

The most difficult thing about working in aesthetic medicine is the flaccidity that blurs the features. Until a few years ago, the only solution to this problem that bothered men and women was surgery. But “the appearance of materials such as calcium hydroxyapatite which, in addition to filling, is a precursor to collagen formation , allows for a facelift without surgery in consultation, in 20 minutes and without the need for a post-treatment period,” explains Dr. Simón Dray, director of the French Clinic Dray . This expert has created with this material what he calls “the crown technique”,consisting of the infiltration of calcium hydroxyapatite and highly crosslinked hyaluronic acid under the scalp, along what would be the drawing of a crown. Performed skillfully in the muscle and tissue tensioning vectors, it is possible to recover the lost tension.

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5. Hyaluronic acid

The Dr. Moses Amselem, director of the clinic that bears his name, choose hyaluronic acid as the active that “has been a real revolution in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine.” “In these 12 years it has proven to be the most effective substance as a moisturizer: it is restorative, perfect for filling wrinkles and furrows, it is skin-retaining, it provides volume and at the same time it is preventive against sun damage. Furthermore, it can be used at any age and sex, and at any time of the year ”, explains Amselem. At home hyaluronic acid should be part of the ingredients of daily facial creams, such as the serum that is applied under the rest of the daily treatment.