The truth is that in hair issues we are more impressionable and fickle than we would like to recognize and follow the trends we are passionate about, especially if our favorite celebrity joins them. The changes of look are good and necessary and, although we are not aimed at pink hair, in the bang trap we have all fallen at some point.

It is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to change your look without having to put a lot of scissors or go through dye and highlights. Be that as it may, bangs are a constant temptation, but before you drop again, you should ask yourself these questions to know that you’re ready to wear it again. eye! Honesty is the key.

1. Is it spring or summer? If you answered yes, then you shouldn’t cut your bangs. Maintaining a clean fringe is a bit tricky. If we add heat, sweat and humidity of 85% to this, the result will be a disaster and you will regret it.

2. Did you like your bangs the last time you wore it? It may be a very obvious or silly question, but in hair matters we tend to be very impulsive and irrational. That man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone is perfectly extrapolated to the world of scissors, so be very honest with yourself to answer this question.

3. If you answered yes to the previous question, why did you let it grow again? The reasons for leaving your long bangs can be endless, but go over them before because there may be the answer to whether it is worth wearing it again or not.

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4. Has the reason you let your bangs grow has become irrelevant? Maybe you let your bangs grow because your ex didn’t like it and now (obviously) you don’t care what he thinks. If you face this situation, then go ahead without hesitation!