Resolutions of images in Social Networks
Resolutions of images in Social Networks

When we update our profiles on social networks we have to take into account how we work with the images that we are going to publish,  because their presence on the devices from where they can be used: computer, tablets, mobiles … can alter their appearance and lead to Viewing failures such as excess pixelation or cropping of the image. In addition to this, we must take into account the resolutions on social networks to maintain optimal visibility for our users.

For this we leave you a series of tips and instructions to optimize your resolutions on social networks such as: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Image resolutions on social networks


The video platform has become a powerful tool for companies, this fact is reflected in the great capacity for interaction that exists in it between the client and SEO. For this, it is necessary to work on the brand identity and perfect the resolution of the images we choose for the profile.

Youtube is characterized by the automatic adaptation of the images to the different devices that exist , due to this we have to take care of how and what will be the image that we publish.

Cover page

For computers Youtube  recommends a resolution of 2,560 pixels wide by 1,440 pixels high . However, this size varies between the various devices that we can find, and the solution to this is to understand a “safe area” established based on mobile resolution.

  • For Mobile screens the format is 1,546 by 423 pixels .
  • In tablets the resolution changes up to 1,855 pixels wide by 423 pixels high .
  • Desktop screens require dimensions of 2,560 pixels by 423 pixels.
  • In smart televisions or Smart TVs we have 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.


The profile photo or image is squared and this is reduced to a size of 250 x 250 px. Within the space available for our image we must take into account that it will be delimited later by a circle / circumference. For this reason we cannot neglect the distribution of the image and try to choose one that maintains the strong points or what we want our users to see in a focused way.

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Facebook is characterized by continuous updating in the profile interface of its users due to the needs and demands that companies working with this social network have come up with. Due to this, the sizes and dimensions in the profile images seek the best optimization for correct viewing by the client / user.

Cover page

On a computer we have 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high and on smartphones it changes to 640 wide by 360 pixels high. The image we select must be at least 399 x 150 pixels for a correct result. It is essential to find or make a selection in horizontal format of the images available and with the aspects to highlight located in the center of the image.


For computers we find dimensions of 180 x 180 pixels and 140 x 140 pixels on smartphones. Our image or photograph must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. This resolution can give us enough play to place the logo of our brand and renew it from the dimensions delimited in this section by Facebook.


As for the image posts or galleries we are uploading, we can make the most of the solutions that Facebook gives us and the image resolutions / sizes that we have. The arrangement in the preview can help us attract the attention of our users and get feedback through different variants.

This social network has a size of images / publications that varies between square and rectangular, we should not forget this when uploading content aimed at obtaining results.

In these complementary examples that we show below, we see a series of images in horizontal and vertical formats to compose in the preview of the publication an attractive scheme for our client / user.

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In such a scheme we manage to differentiate generic information from more detailed parts. In addition to this we can convert our set of images into a mosaic , allowing us to reach the user with more striking resources.


As for the resolutions on social networks , the Twitter platform has been updated in recent years, seeking to resemble the design of the Facebook profile. This translates to cover images in a near-wide format and a minimum size for profile photos that does not exceed 450 pixels.

Cover page

In the cover or header image we can use images of a greater width translated into a resolution of 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels high for any type of device. The wide format predominates in the Twitter profile, therefore, images or panoramic photographs can work for us in a favorable and quite striking way.

Be careful since Twitter automatically resizes the cover file, due to this it will be convenient to establish a top and bottom margin of security that will not be seen.


Both on a computer and on other devices, images allow a resolution of 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. This image is positioned as fundamental due to the long journey it can have within Twitter: RTs, responses, likes … This resource is presented again bounded by a circumference.


Regarding publications, we see a unitary format of 1024 x 512 px , due to which Twitter is a more limited platform in terms of the visual impact that we can create on our clients. This format is compatible for png, jpg and gif files.


Instagram currently does not have a cover photo for its users and its interfaces are reduced to a profile photo framed within a circle. This will be the resource that we can use and with which we will take advantage of the image that we select. Now we will detail how to get the most out of our clients / users when selecting the graphic resource.

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As for the publications, we find a series of variants related to the resolutions that allow us to work in detail on the files that we are going to upload.

source for beautiful free photos. High quality and high resolution Indian Free Stock Photos all copyright restrictions (CC0) – no attribution required.


The image or profile photo that we select for Instagram must have square dimensions and around 150 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. We must not ignore the circle that restricts the image in the preview of our profiles, since if we do not center the visual content that we want to show, it will be hidden from the visitors of the page. The image to select must contain in its central strengths everything we need to communicate.

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Instagram divides your posts into 3 formats: horizontal pictures or posts, vertical pictures or posts, and square pictures or posts.

We recommend that you use the second option, whenever possible, since on mobile devices (where this social network is most consumed), the vertical format occupies a larger dimension on the screen and we have more time for the user in front of our publication. .

Next we leave you a sample of the resolutions that Instagram uses (width by height) to delimit the images or videos that we publish.

One of the most widely used trends on Instagram is the construction of mosaics. These allow with a quick glance of the profile to extract a general concept about the values ​​that make up our company or the objectives that we want to achieve regarding our users. We must indicate that the practice in the design and use of mosaics is much more common on this platform than on Facebook.

As for the creation of these profile murals we can find all kinds of examples. Here we leave you with the artist  Casey McPerry  who with all his (apparently different) images forms a whole within its interface.