Recipe: Coconut Milk Chicken Curry … Taste of Lockdown

Coconut Chicken Curry: Eat some new dishes … it’s a pleasure. The original lockdown. How to avoid boring at home ..

Coconut Chicken Curry: Chicken Taste … with coconut milk … is not usual. Eat and drink. This can be done in half an hour. It is very creamy and delicious. Very good for health. Can be made in a single bowl. The whole family can eat happy. Coconut milk chicken curry has many benefits. Eat this curry, especially in the rice … This is why curry is widely used abroad … especially in Southeast Asian countries. Tourists love it immensely. Let’s learn how to do it.

Coconut Milk Chicken Curry Ingredients:

Chicken Half Kg – Skinless, Boneless (to be sliced)

Oil – (Olive Oil The Best) is what you use.
Curry powder or some of the leaves.

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