Fundamental principles of Fashion
Fundamental principles of Fashion

The fashion industry is full of versatile designs, styles, trends colors, shapes, and elements. Understanding each of these elements may take years of experience and skills. But there are only a few principles on which they must work to improvise their prospects. There are various courses offered in this trending field from the basic level to experts boudoir photography Beginners or amateurs can apply for Fashion based courses to start their journey in this glamorous industry. 

Here are the main four principles of Fashion Designing which learners must know thoroughly to use them in their designs through their learning curve. 


Designs are often categorized based on their two symmetrical and un-symmetrical balances. These balances can also be further divided horizontally or vertically to have a same or contrasting look on their side. Whereas unsymmetrical designs are characterized by unequal proportions on both sides. Depending on a lot of factors like whether the dress is a full sleeve, half sleeve or sleeveless, and how it complements the garments. Lines and Colors are used strategically to balance out the apparel to have a visual effect on the overall clothing.  


Another important principle is the proportion of design to number, amount, and size based on the individual. They must start from scratch headlining the body and keep elements on both sides of the body in proportion to each other. Scaling or sizing are done based on the individual proportions and let them feel cohesive for a better feeling altogether. Sizes play a major role in the industry based on common shopping these days. 



The overall design should look complete and offer a satisfying look to the viewer. This is often termed as unity or fulfilled to have a sense of harmony in itself. Each element of the design must complement the other for enhancing the outlook of the dress on the wearer. Color, Size, and every detail must appear a soothing effect to make it unifying with each element.


These are the centre attractive point of the dresses like a splash of color, texture, or something unique that catches the eye of the viewer. This creates an interest in the user to see, check, and further buy out the product for seeing fabulous in this apparel. Ruffles, pleats, embroidery, etc are some of the main ways of giving clothes a contrasting look from a different view. 


These four are the main principals that must combine to form a harmonious presentation to bring perfection out of apparel. Fashion trends often change with every generation. Taste and style of fashion give insights into the people’s choice and acceptance into society. These principles can easily be observed in almost all apparel in some form. Modern fashion designers will often mix past styles and trends to bring newer styles to attract the current generation. 

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