DIY stands for do it yourself. And DIY is all about making something new and to enjoy and bring about our creative sides. There is different fun in doing something amazing for your best friends and especially when it is done differently. It’s important to wish and make their birthday amazing because they haven’t been there for you just one day but your whole life for each day that they could be there and have helped you in every possible way. What a friend who has been there with you always just a Midnight Flower Delivery in Mumbai or wherever they live would not be sufficient. 

And that is why we are talking in today’s article about doing it yourself as gifts. Gifts that have a personal appeal to you and your friends. And it’s more special because more than a store for gifts, something that you have made with your hands, that’s what gives them more happiness and also that gift will have emotional meaning in your life than any other material happiness.  This will also strengthen your connection with them much stronger than earlier. You have to make sure of one thing and that is an online bouquet and cake delivery in Bangalore, or any other city wherever your friends are with your gift. Let’s see what we can make at home. 

1) Faux Fur Blanket

A faux fur blanket is one of the best gifts you can ever give to your best friends. It’s really easy to be made and can be made in two ways – one of them is, take faux fur and a white plane cover. Now stitch faux fur on top of the white cover and fill it with lots of furs inside. These types of blankets are amazing for light winters. Midnight cake and flower delivery in Bangalore are available so make sure to send it to your best friends at the stroke of 12. Another design to make it is by raising a blanket online and it has to be woolen and purchase faux fur of the same size and stitch or stitch faux fur on top of a blanket or on both the sides for an amazing look. 

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2) Crochet scarf

Crochet scarfs are famous nowadays and if you know how to make one then there’s no doubt that you can make something amazing for your best friends at home, but in case if you don’t then you can get it made from somewhere. Or you could also buy it online and do some decorations at home, that way it will be your friends something new something borrowed. Make sure to deliver it with birthday roses.

3) Readymade Sweater with DIY decoration 

There is a different fun in decorating already bought clothes according to our needs. Another great DIY idea is to purchase already made sweaters online and then decorate it according to your needs. You can find lots of tutorials online on how to decorate the sweaters the way your friend likes it or she saw a design online that she and she likes so you can accordingly add ribbon flowers, small bunnies, embroidered details, etc.  Pack this gift for her in a box and send it with a birthday flower bouquet

4) Photo Frames handmade 

Did you know you can actually make for photo frames at home? Without a lot of trouble or you can at least design them according to your taste at home. Now designing a photo frame is a very simple thing. You can find lots of tutorials online. All you have to do is either buy a photo frame online and decorate it according to your needs. Or you can make one by cutting cardboard into pieces and joining them according to your needs. Don’t forget to add birthday flowers online with your photo frames. 

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5) Chocolates 

What is the best thing in the world?  I would without any doubt say that it is chocolate and I know you all love it. You know one of the simplest things to do is make chocolate at home. All you need is some cocoa nibs and a food processor. Now roast some cocoa nibs and grind them in the food processor until they become liquid and then add some sugar and grind it again until the sugar is mixed with the liquid. And pour it in the molds to set for about two hours. Now add birthday flowers online bought and courier it to your friend. 

6) Candles 

Candles are yet another gift that can be easily made at home colored and lots of designs and variations can be added to it without any issue. So you can make fabulous candles buying wax. Which one did you want? It could be anything from normal to beeswax. You can make candles at home by using the double boiler method. And the best part is that you can make candles in various shapes and sizes that means you can not only send candles for your best friend’s birthday but also for other events that might come in the future. Birthday flower bouquets online are available of various flowers so don’t forget to decorate your candles with some good fresh flowers that will not only brighten up your friend’s day but will also help them remember the fact that you are their friend and will be. 

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7) Hand Printed Dress 

As summers are approaching you can give your best friend their birthday, a hand-printed dress.  Simply, all you have to do is buy a white color dress of cotton from the market. And buy some wooden shapes online and a few fabric colors. Now with the help of these shapes print the dress and wash it. But make sure that you are done before sending it to them. And don’t forget to add a few sprigs’ fresh flowers.