Do you feel like you didn’t quite hit on your outfit for the last event you attended? We have all been wrong when choosing an article of clothing .

So that you do not keep making mistakes, and at the same time improve your look and your personal style, here we give you some important fashion tips .

# 8 Know the colors that look good on you

It is possible that you like a garment because of its color, but before buying it you must define if that color fits you.

Perhaps the design will stylize your figure, but if the color is not in tune with your complexion, hair and style, it will not be a good option.

# 7 Use of accessories

You can complement your wardrobe using different types of accessories. Just be careful not to overload your image by using too many.

Avoid wearing too many rings or too many bracelets in the same look, as well as a huge necklace and large earrings at the same time.

# 6 The semi-formal does not fail

If you have been invited to an event for which there is no dress code, then wear a semi-formal outfit. That way you won’t fall for the casual end if it turns out everyone is elegantly dressed, nor will you feel out of place if most attendees dress casually.


# 5 Wear the best cleavage for you

When choosing a top garment, you must be clear about the neckline style that best suits your bust, neck and face. Try different styles to define which one fits you best

# 4 Invest in a good portfolio

Choose a cocktail bag that is of good quality. This can last you up to 10 years if you use it only for special events, therefore it will undoubtedly be a good investment.

# 3 Too much skin

In order to catch the eye, many women who fall show too much skin. But this is never the best and take your look to the vulgar.

Finding a balance is very simple: if you want to show off your legs in a miniskirt, then don’t wear too much cleavage and, if you want to show off your bust and neck, then cover your legs as much as possible.

# 2 Basic garments

In your wardrobe you cannot miss a jean, a white button-down shirt or blouse, a black dress and pants of the same color. Choose the design of these garments that best fits you and use them with various accessories, depending on the occasion.

# 1 comfortable shoes

It is not easy to resist heels that look so beautiful on your feet. But, before buying them, make sure you can walk with them without hurting your feet; otherwise, you won’t be able to use them … or you will make a fool of yourself when you walk.