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Return On Advertising Spend, (ROAS), is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign,” according to BigCommerce.com. It is a useful technique that provides valuable insights into an ad campaign. Advertisers can improve their ad performance through ROAS measurement.

This article explains useful methods to increase ROAS for online stores. Continue reading if you are an online store that wants to increase return on ad spend fast.

10 Ways to Increase ROAS

The wait is over. Let’s discuss below the top ten methods using which you can grow your ROaS:

  1. Improve Website Load Speed

Most of your website visitors will leave within 10 seconds if your website takes much time to load. If your website loads within 3 seconds, it can be considered as fast. If it takes more than 3 seconds. People will not stay on it.

  1. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Today, most people browse online stores through their mobile phones and tablets. If your website does not open fully on mobile devices, you will missout on mobile opportunities. Make sure your website opens fully on mobile devices.

  1. Content Should be Optimized

Your website content should be optimized. Before you do that, you have to find your keywords. The usage of keywords according to the best practices is a must to optimize website content for search engines.

  1. Images Should be Off High-Quality

The usage of images is good for search engine optimization. But do not just use every image to do this well. First of all, you should use images that you are legally allowed to use. Secondly, the images you are using should be relevant to the page where you are using them.

  1. Embed Related Video(s)

Including videos has become helpful for search engine optimization. Research shows that people prefer video content. If you have a relevant video embedded into the web page, people will be able to watch it without leaving the website. This way, the time on site will increase and the user will get satisfied.

  1. Make Site User-Friendly

The structure of your website or online store should be user friendly. If the user can browse and navigate your website easily, chances are that that person will be able to find what that person was looking for. If the browsing experience is bad, the user may not continue with your website.

  1. Include Catchy Headlines

The headline copy should be creative and attention-grabbing. There are many ways to say the same thing. You can use different creative ways to say what you want to say.

  1. Offer Concession or Discount

Online stores can work without discounts but offering concessions is trendy. It has been noted that people turn to such online stores that offer discounts. If you are not able to offer any discount, try to reward your buyers in some other way. For example, you can give points to a buyer at the time of purchase.

  1. Make Checkout Simpler

Online shopping should quick and safe. Besides making your website secure and fast, you should also try to make transactions faster. One way to do this is to make checkout simpler. Some online stores have a hectic purchase experience. This is one of the reasons behind abandoned carts.

  1. Retarget Your Audience

Many advertisers do not know about retargeting or they underestimate the potential of retargeting. When done carefully and thoughtfully, retargeting can be much effective. Retargeting is auseful feature to improve the return on as spend of e-commerce businesses.

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The End Result

You have read how measuring ROAS can help identify the flaws in the ad campaign for an online store. In the end, we can say that advertisers should calculate ROAS to boost their ad performance.

In the wake of lockdowns and the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have a small amount of money to run ads online. Using effective methods to increase ROAS can help businesses save a lot of money.

Do not worry if you do not have enough time to do it or if you have failed to do so. If you need to get the best out of your ad campaigns, you should hire an ecommerce marketing manager.

What is your opinion about this post? Did you find what you needed? Please take a minute from your time and share your feedback. I wish you all the best with your return on ad spend growth.