Fight against the law of gravity (and aging) with simple chest exercises that will give you a very sensual cleavage.

Before putting on your tracksuit and performing the chest exercises that we recommend, you should bear in mind that the chest, like any other area of ​​the body, requires basic care. Do not forget, for example, that lightning diets, in which you lose a lot of weight in a short time will contribute to its flaccidity, that you should always wear the most appropriate bras to your chest and that you must hydrate it daily to make it look healthy.

What chest exercises can you do to tone that sensual part of the body?

  1. Stand facing a wall and with your hands slightly more open than your shoulders, push it as if you intended to move it. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds and rest one . Try doing 20 repetitions daily.
  2. Do 20 repetitions of traditional push-ups. If you have difficulties, you can keep your knees on the ground or do fewer repetitions (5).
  3. Swimming is one of the few sports that acts as a massager and toner for the chest. If you can escape to the pool, your body will appreciate it.
  4. Raise your arms at the elbow and press one hand against the other. Hold the chest contraction for 5 seconds and rest one. 20 repetitions.
  5. Moving chest exercises also work. Extend your arms and cross your hands (scissor movement) or with your arms crossed, move your hands in circles.
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