According to specialists, 40% of diagnoses of alopecia are in women. The most frequent are hair loss due to stress, hormonal changes or insufficient diet, and androgenetic alopecia (due to male hormones). Although there is a genetic part, there are certain routine gestures of your day to day that will help you minimize hair loss.

1. Maintain a balanced diet, following a menu that will make your hair look perfect , and review the ends with certain frequency.

2. When sleeping, neither wet nor collected. Dry, loose hair will be able to oxygenate much better. And to the internal question, if we should wash our hair every day or if that causes us to lose more hair, we will tell you that it is not related and that washing it every day or not will depend on your follicle, your routine and the products that you use. 

3. Do you go to the pool ? Rinse your hair well to remove the chlorine, wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and apply a mask.

4. Be careful with the helmet,sweat produces excess fat. Do not take off or put your helmet on with sudden movements: you will generate friction that can accelerate hair loss.

Keep your hair always well hydrated with any of these natural  masks that you can make yourself at home. 

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