As important as a good mattress, having a good quality pillow that is especially indicated for the way we get used to sleeping is essential to enjoy a good night’s rest.

The type of pillow that suits us will depend especially on the posture in which we usually sleep. The idea is that the pillow respects the natural alignment between the head and the spine while we sleep, which should be the same as when we are standing. That is why it is not recommended to sleep directly on the mattress, without a pillow, since in doing so we force the neck to adopt an angle that is not natural to it. Although we often do not give it the attention it deserves, the choice of pillow is not a bland matter. Many of the neck and back pain we suffer are related to sleeping with a pillow that does not suit our needs. To find out which type suits you, these tips can help you:

– If you sleep on your stomach it is better to choose a thin pillow that is not too firm.

– If you sleep on your side, it is preferable that it be of medium or high thickness and that it is made of a material that is not too soft but, yes, that it is adaptable, to ensure that you sleep in a position that respects the natural curve of your neck.

– If you sleep on your back, a pillow of medium thickness and firmness is the most convenient for you to guarantee a good rest.

And if we sleep as a couple, a good option is that each one has their own cushion adapted to the way they usually sleep, unless they both rest in the same posture normally. Although today there are already pillow models adapted to different postures, with two heights, and made of materials that adapt to the shape of our neck without deforming.

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