The world of cosmetics begins to turn to natural products loaded with properties such as coconut and its oil.

Now that all the trends are leading to superfoods like quinoa, which combines nutrients and proteins, the world of cosmetics is also turning to these products that can be easily found and respond to the most varied situations.

One of them is coconut oil, a product that can be accessed even in the supermarket (although if it is of organic origin its purity is guaranteed) and that is capable of replacing moisturizers or lip balms.

These are its recommended uses:

– Extra shine in your makeup: a droplet on the fingers distributed on the cheeks after applying the makeup enhance it and provide additional shine.
– Massage oil:It absorbs well but not quickly, so it is perfect for back massages with an extra tropical scent.
– Hydration for the body: mixed with shea butter it leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Alone, it helps to cope with sunburn.
– Exfoliant: combined with sugar it is perfect for a homemade peel. It also softens and serves as a foot deodorant.
– Hand moisturizer: better to apply it at home, when there is time to let it dry.
– Lip balm: a small dose spread on the lips will suffice.
– Cuticle cream: prevents fungi, bacteria, infections and also leaves the cuticles soft when you need it most.
– Makeup remover:applied with cotton discs it acts quickly. In addition, it helps to strengthen the eyelashes.
– Facial moisturizer : if your skin is normal, it will work perfectly, but when in doubt, it will be better to consult the dermatologist before applying it. Applied on the annoying grains, they help its disappearance.
– Hair product: hydrates the ends, prevents friz

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