How to Get Money on Internet
How to Get Money on Internet

Make money from home

It is very likely that when you have made this query through your browser you have found several dozen articles from digital marketing gurus or knowmads  who tell you that they know how, which is very simple, that the key is before your eyes and that you only have to blow several thousand euros in your online course to discover the secrets of the Internet to be able to earn quick money online without investing .

This is a repeating pattern. There are some who tell you that the key is in Social Media ADS , others who tell you that what will make you rich fast will be Drop shipping , others who will tell you about investing in the stock market. Curiously, the vast majority of those who talk to you about these issues do not work for real clients. This leads us to take this article with caution. In no case are we going to give you a formula that allows you to quit your job tomorrow and get rich in a week. What you will find here is a list of monetization routes through the Internet that you can take advantage of. They all require work and they all require proof. And no, we are not going to talk about surveys.

False myths of easy money on the Internet

Earning money online is not easier than doing it any other way. To earn money you always have to offer something in exchange, as a general rule, time. If that time is also qualified, that is, that you spend it on something you know and master, it will be more valuable than the time you spend on something you do not know, or that does not require a qualification.

This applies to all income systems except those where it is the money itself that works to generate more money, but if you are reading this article it is not your case (nor ours).

The advantage of online earnings is that you can set up your small income system without having to work for anyone, which is an advantage for people who:

  • They are disciplined
  • They are constant
  • They are not afraid to fail
  • They understand that nothing worthwhile is simple

So if your goal is to find a system that allows you to buy a Lamborghini in two months, go to the Caribbean to live life, and never have to work again, we have bad news.

We do not know how to do it and rest assured that whoever knows this miraculous formula will not share it with anyone, it does not matter if you pay € 5,000 in his VIP premium master that will teach you how to live in Dubai between Egyptian cotton sheets with gold filaments , or that will teach you how to reach an alternative reality by repeating strange words like mantras that, following more sect patterns than anything else, while they try to sell you with the promise of a tomorrow that can be yours for the modest price that the guru on duty want to add to your VIP premium expert course (with limited places).

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How to get money on internet

Since we have broken all your aspirations to say goodbye to your boss in the next few days as you drive off into the sunset riding your brand new Lamborghini… let’s get into trouble. Before looking for where to get money, ask yourself … What are you good at? What do you like? Or better yet … What are you good at and like?

By answering these questions, you can better guide your search for monetization routes through the Internet. It’s easier for you to spend hours on something you are passionate about than something you hate, so ask yourself this question first, then take a look at the list of things you can do to make money online .

Create an income generating website

Thank you obvious sir! 

Yes. It’s a no-brainer. But the best way to make money online is to create a website that attracts traffic. There are many types of websites and different ways to monetize them. The evidence establishes that a successful website can bring us millionaire income. You just need to see Facebook or, in a closer case, ForoCoches. The reality is that a person adept at exploiting micro-niches usually succeeds on one in 10 websites that they launch. One in 30 will be able to generate a reasonable volume of income. But this should not discourage you. Trial and error is key in this process whose ultimate goal is to get out of the rat’s career. You are not going to invent the new Facebook, but it may be that you generate one or more pages that allow you to have a reasonable volume of income every month.

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How to monetize a website

There are several ways to monetize a website. But there is an ingredient common to all of them. The traffic. For a website to generate income it must have traffic. Depending on the monetization path that we want to exploit, we must bet either to attract as much traffic as possible, or to attract a smaller but highly qualified volume.


What is AdSense? AdSense is the advertising service that Google offers to websites to host ads. We are talking about advertising banners that are displayed according to Google’s own criteria. To integrate it into your website, follow the instructions on the AdSense website .

AdSense is the first method that should come to your mind when you want to make money online since it is the simplest. All you have to do is get a decent volume of traffic. We tell you that it is the first that you should consider because you, among all mortals, are unique and special. Put that in value. Generate content about what you are passionate about, what you know more than anyone else, about what makes you stand out from the rest. If you are a crack of history write about history, if you are a genius of finance write about economics, if you are a great teacher write about teaching techniques. Take what you know how to do best and share it with society.

When it comes to  attracting traffic to a website, there are many, many influencing factors. Competition, search volume, content quality, web optimization … a whole world of variables that make agencies like ours make sense. Obviously you are not going to hire us, here it is about being autonomous, self-sufficient and that you invest nothing more than your time. Jump in the pool. This is like riding a bike, each scratch, fall and broken bone accumulates in an experience that will allow you to have better results in future attempts. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it. Be constant and persevere in what you are passionate about.

In this short article we explain how to monetize with AdSense .

Links Sale

If you have a website with a constant content load, which also generates traffic, you will start to receive requests from other webmasters to make guest posting or insert links. This is another highly feasible method of making money online. The value of these links will vary depending on the traffic of your website, its visibility, the depth of this link and the authority of your domain. You have platforms that will pay you for sponsored content like Getfluence  and where you can determine the cost of these contents. You also have the option to write to web positioning agencies or websites in your niche that are actively working on SEO and send you your rates or offer them the possibility and let them make you the offer.

Affiliate Marketing

This system is based on the introduction of an intermediary between the client and the supplier. The pages attract traffic that is referred to the provider and the provider in turn pays well for the traffic generated, the purchases made or the new subscriptions obtained. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing platforms.

How can you take advantage of it? Again. Get traffic through your expert knowledge on a subject in question. If you are a handyman you can talk about tools, if you are an expert historian you can recommend history books, if you are an expert in digital or stock marketing you can recommend applications … etc.

When you have experience in attracting traffic, you will be able to directly identify niches with reasonable search volume and little competition that will allow you to attract qualified traffic and act as an intermediary between these and the most suitable provider for each niche. The list of affiliate systems is endless, the most notable and well-known of them all is the Amazon Affiliate system.

Drop shipping

Although it could be included within the affiliate marketing system, with many nuances, we want to dedicate a few lines to drop shipping  because there is a dangerous ignorance about it.

Drop shipping is a system through which a website acts as a portal for the sale of products that it does not have in stock, by means of an agreement with wholesalers that have said stock. A prior is the round business. You do not invest in stock, you promote the products, you put the price you want, when you sell something, the supplier sends it to the recipient and you dedicate yourself to counting tickets from your sofa.

Why you shouldn’t Drop shipping if you don’t have previous experience

The reality is different. First, because the providers that lend to such agreements usually have their own online sales channels, which causes us to lose potential sales by not being able to compete on price. In case you do not have your own channels, it is more than sure whatever the product you want to work on, do not be the only one that does it, it makes you have to invest in SEO or SEM, which limits your profit margin . Finally, you have to be very careful with the issue of returns, carriers, etc. Because you can see yourself losing huge amounts of money or with your house full of cheap products that you have tried to sell at an inflated price.

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From our perspective, we do not understand Dropshipping as a business model, but rather as a market prospecting system. It allows you to probe the ground as a previous step to establish a stable monetization channel. That is to say. Where you buy, store and distribute stock of one or more products. For giving you a very simple example for you to understand.

The Paqui corner store, the one that sells chenille slippers in a seedy alley of any city in Spain, has more potential profit margin setting up a traditional online store than you setting up a chenille slippers store with a system of from Dropshipping. Do not go into these parts if you have not already traveled a long way. If you have a website that attracts enough traffic and you see that you can sell products through it, find a provider and negotiate the system.

Do not trust who tells you that dropshipping will solve your life and make you rich at zero cost at age 20.

Make money online by writing

If you are a copywriting crack you have it easy you have a great market at your fingertips. Hundreds of newspapers, agencies, websites and individuals are seeking the services of a freelance copywriter who fills pages and pages of content. If you control the pillars of SEO writing above, the offer expands since practically all the blogs of companies that work on web positioning are nourished by texts. This large amount of demand for content has generated a more than consolidated market for buying and selling texts. The greater the writing capacity, the greater speed and the better optimization of texts, the greater the return.


It is a simple job, it does not require great knowledge and if you are fast writing you can earn a good amount of money. You also have the freedom to spend as much time as you like and in the way you prefer, with total flexibility.


As Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, also spoken in countries with such disparate socio-economic realities, it is easy to find someone who does it cheaper than you would fairly estimate. For this reason it is a recommended job for people who write in several languages ​​fluently, expert editors who master a specific niche or editors who have extensive SEO knowledge.

Where to make money writing?

  • Publisuites

Publisuites is one of the most popular buy-sell pages. It has a large number of clients, in addition to a large number of copywriters. You will not get rich here, but you will have an easy time generating income if you are good at writing.

  • Lowpost

Another very popular page with a large community of clients and copywriters. It has a ranking system that will evaluate your quality as an editor and that will allow you to earn more money if you are good at it.

  • Textbroker

This page also offers an interesting internal platform on which to offer yourself as an online copywriter. It is not as well known as the previous two but it will not cost you anything to be there and try to attract customers. The more platforms you jump, the more work you will have.

  • Write your own book

We are not talking about you being the new Stephen King. But today if you are good at something you can create a manual, guide, value added information and sell it well through Amazon. If you are a creative wonder, you can also try to become a successful author by selling your books through Amazon. It is a complex system, and you are not going to become a millionaire. But if you are already writing quality content for your website, you can make a compendium and try to distribute it this way.

  • Looking for your life!

If you are an editor and you are clear that you want to dedicate yourself to writing … Become a freelancer and go to the media, specialized magazines and marketing agencies and offer yourself as a freelance . If you are good, you respond in a timely manner and you know how to organize you can live writing from home. If you know how to write, having your own website specialized in what you know best is a complementary option that you should exploit from minute 1.

Make money selling courses

Do you remember that at the beginning of the article we were talking about the gurus of digital marketing , dropshipping , knowmads and all those people who promise to make you rich if you buy their course? This is your true source of income, selling online training.

Most of the time, mounted courses where the author does not actively intervene in the training itself. When the campaigns of these authentic geniuses reach you on social networks (you know what campaigns I am talking about, generally them, in those spectacular landscapes, or in houses that you already wanted, so that you are super clear that they earn millions with what they are willing to share with you * sigh *) inviting you to their free one-week training, in most cases what you are experiencing is an automated conversion funnel that brings together TOFU (Social Media ADS and SEO), MOFU (E-Mail marketing, guestposting, multisites and forums) and BOFU (dynamic retargeting and personalized offers).

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It is a saturated market where there is a lot of straw, a lot of smoke, a lot of free content, a lot of paid content that brings together free content and some pearls of knowledge that really have value.

A collation of the first point. If you want to sell courses online, generate a website with quality content on what you are passionate about. When you have stable traffic and visibility you can offer this service with the guarantee that you will already be consolidated as an informative reference for your readers. If you already become a crack in training, you can take the next step and offer yourself as a life changer.

Make money with YouTube & Twitch TV

It is the dream profession of hundreds of adolescents and children throughout the world. You spend all day with video games and either upload edited videos or broadcast live. The reality is that these are channels that are very saturated and where there is more and more competition. We are not YouTubers nor do we Stream so we cannot offer you the formula for success. Again we refer to the initial mantra

  • Be constant
  • Do something you are passionate about
  • Don’t be afraid of failure
  • Analyze the results you obtain and propose improvements based on them

What is a fact is that we live in a very very large world with millions of people with diverse interests. If you’re good at something, be sure you have a potential audience out there who will want to learn from you. If you have charisma on top, be sure that you can retain those who came to your content looking for information. Always bet on quality and offering what you know how to do best.

Youtube offers you the possibility to monetize through ads once you reach 1,000 subscribers. For its part, Twitch requires a certain number of hours of broadcasting every 30 days and a stable audience of at least 3 users per stream in order to enter the monetization system.

Sell ​​your services

It’s simple. If you are good at something, sell that something. There are hundreds of pages that will allow you to offer your services, either actively, or by offering a finished product. This field is very wide and we are not talking about large profit margins, but these are channels that sometimes offer us passive income.

Pages where to offer yourself as a freelance

  • Fiverr : It is a platform where services of many scopes and types are bought and sold. You can sell links, logo design, digital marketing services, recording radio spots … It is a global market, so you can find everything, low quality and cheap content abound, but for a seller with a good reputation it is they can generate stable income.
  • Upwork : If you are fluent in English this is your place. Services of all kinds can be offered. Technical support, creative design, writing, software development, legal and financial consulting, translation, data science , data processing … Everything!
  • Freelancer : This is a page with supply and demand for services. It works in the style of Upwork, only it is also in Spanish.

Pages to sell products

  • Photography, video and illustrations : For photographers there are multiple options to sell their creations through different image banks. Bigstock and  Shutterstock  are some of the platforms that allow photographers, videographers and designers to host their content. Every time these are downloaded a small amount is paid to the author. Another good platform is found on Redbubble where we can upload designs for mugs, t-shirts etc and they will pay us for each sale produced. A good product will be sold constantly without us having to do anything (understanding nothing to spend hours and hours of design to find a product that is well positioned and sold constantly). It is a passive income system that once established is maintained without the need to do anything.
  • Physical Product : Pages like Etsy, Amazon or Ebay allow us to sell our products through their platforms. Whether you are an artisan or have a product stock, the Internet becomes an additional sales channel. Although if that is your case, the support of your own online store would be essential

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As you see. There are many options for you to start generating income through the Internet . There are many others and we will expand this article, with the most expanded concepts and with new ones. We are a digital marketing agency that actively works on hundreds of real clients. We do not gain anything with this article except to inform you and give you a general approach. Above all, we recommend that you read, inform yourself and do not be seduced by expert exchange experts who try to sneak you into a course at a gold price. You have doubts? Write to us! We will be happy to answer your questions.