Instant messaging applications are becoming more fundamental in our lives because of how useful they have become. Not only to use them as tools, but as a way to communicate much faster and have advantages to work with . Within this, WhatsApp. One of the most downloaded apps in the world, brings a new tool that is here to stay.

It is WhatsApp Business or in Spanish, WhatsApp for business . A new way of establishing business communication with a much more effective system. Now we offer you everything you want to know about this new tool that breaks the charts and is positioned as one of the favorites in different companies around the world.

How WhatsApp Business works

Since its inception WhatsApp has become a fundamental tool for many, but now this new version provides extra help for companies. Once users can have this tool, they will not only have a new way to stay in touch with customers on their phones , but a tool that will help them grow .

The way WhatsApp Business works is totally ideal for those who receive many messages through the app and are looking for a more automated way to respond and have data. In addition, if it can be managed from mobile devices, it will be possible to have the web version so that companies have much faster access from any computer.

What is WhatsApp for Business

Perhaps you are thinking that this new format of the application is going to request some form of payment to provide its services, but this is not the case. The application can be downloaded for free for both Android and iPhone, where small and medium-sized companies will find a quality ally. The interactions with each of the users who search for their services can increase quickly and automatically , something similar to how WhatsApp Messenger has done it.

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Advantages of using WhatsApp Business

Now that you know what WhatsApp Business is for, it’s time for us to present you some of the advantages that it brings for everyone. Among the ones that stand out the most and that give a total turn to what we know is the integration of landlines . This is a huge plus for any small or medium company where you do not have an exclusive use phone. Adding a landline phone can be used and managed in the same way from the web version so that customers can communicate.

Automated messaging is another advantage that WhatsApp Business implements on its platform. This is one of the most important innovations since any company will be able to have automatic messages for its clients ; where the most frequently asked questions are answered or automate welcome messages.

In addition to absence messages and even get statistics of all those who arrive. You can have a company profile as it is as a social network where the company is verified by confirming that the number is correct.

How to configure WhatsApp for Business

Now that we know what WhatsApp Business is for, it’s time for you to clearly have the form that is configured. First of all we must look for the WhatsApp Business application within the PlayStore or the AppleStore to download it. With it installed, the first thing we must do is enter the company number , either mobile or fixed, taking into account that it cannot be modified.

Once inside the application everything will be very simple since the appearance is almost the same as what we already know. After having our phone number, the only thing left is to go to the settings section to finish preparing the profile . Both the profile photo and the name and data must be correct for the company , this will guarantee much more effectiveness.

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With the profile fully created it is only a matter of activating the WhatsApp Business account to start giving your company a much more professional appearance . Thousands of people are already implementing this new tool to take their venture one step further.

How to activate WhatsApp for Business

Activating the account is the last step before starting to provide this new service for all the company’s clients. For this, finish selecting the category to which your business belongs, the commercial activity in terms of hours and address and even social networks.

The messages of absence, welcome or just quick responses must be adjusted to automate and thus have fully activated profile . The connection with customers will be much faster and the image of your company will grow at great speed with this tool for more effective care. WhatsApp continues to innovate and this business application is definitely here to stay.