Choosing the best type of sales according to the needs of your audience is essential to succeed in a market as competitive as the one we live in today.

Increasing sales is a constant concern in any and all companies. Whether it is a company that provides products or services. For this reason, it is important to know all the existing sales possibilities to efficiently reach the consuming public.

Choosing the type of sales for which your business will choose can determine its success.

In this article, we present the types of sales that exist so that you can choose which is the most suitable for your company, respecting the characteristics of your audience.

What types of sales are there?

There is a great diversity of sales categories, including:

  • phone sales;
  • Internet sales;
  • retail sales;
  • direct or personal sale;
  • inbound sales;
  • B2B sales;
  • cross – selling ( cross selling );
  • internal sales;
  • automatic sales.

Below, you will learn a little more about the main types of sales, understanding better their particularities, the channels used and in which types of businesses each one works best.

Will you accompany me

1. Direct or personal sale

This type of sale can be done at the wholesale or retail level. It is the form of sale in which the seller talks personally with the customer, showing him the benefits of the product or service.

In other words, in direct or personal sales there is a direct relationship between the buyer and the seller.

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It can be done in the commercial establishment where the seller is. In this case, the client goes to the establishment where they can have contact with the product and get to know it better.

It can also be done when the seller visits the customer. In this case, the seller carries a sample book or catalog with him and exposes the characteristics and benefits of what he sells.

Direct selling is considered one of the most efficient forms of selling by big names, such as Philip Kotler for example, who said that this method, in addition to being effective with sales, helped to build a relationship with the customer.

Thanks to its characteristics, this type of sales can be applied in any type of business.

2. Internal sale

Internal sales, also known as Inside Sales, are those sales made from within the company.

A very common mistake is to confuse this type of sales with telemarketing, but don’t be confused. In this type of sales, the seller approaches his client knowing him well, knowing what his needs are and what is the best he has to offer.

Internal sales work very well in B2B companies . In this way, the seller does not need to waste time dislocating himself to the customer, thus increasing his productivity and reducing costs.

As I said before, it is essential, for this type of sales to work, that the seller really knows each of his clients and knows what to offer and when to do it, being attentive at all times to their needs.

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In this sales model, the objective is not to contact as many customers as possible in order to make some sales. The goal is to contact a small group and work carefully to increase sales.

3. Inbound sale

Inbound sales are those in which you attract the customer so that he reaches you and not those in which the seller goes out to look for customers.

We can say that an inbound sale is the continuation of inbound marketing .

Through inbound marketing we attract the client to reach our domain and we can educate them so that they are later ready to purchase our products or services. It is a method that requires a little patience and in which we must accompany the consumer throughout the purchase process.

For inbound sales we follow the same path, we continue to send non-invasive messages and valuable content, but with a greater focus on sales. Always respecting the rhythm of the consumer without overwhelming him with information or messages.

This sales process works for all types of companies that have an internet presence, since this is the easiest way to attract the consumer.

4. Online sales

Online sales, online sales or internet sales are those that sell products or services through the network.

Products or services can be sold in a virtual store, a web page or through marketplaces.

Marketplaces are platforms that bring together a group of sellers who offer their products, it is like a virtual mall.

It is an excellent option to reach the public that consumes through the internet, which today is the vast majority.

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To opt for this type of sales you must know the consumption habits of your audience. In the event that the consumers you want to reach consume in this way, it is advisable to have this option.

Online sales can be used for any type of product or service, what is important here is the way of consumption that the public has for which your product or service is directed.


Here we saw the main sales methods out there today. As you can see you do not need to opt for an exclusive type of sales.

You can create a strategy by combining two or more types of sales, always considering the type of your business and above all the consumption habits of your audience.

Knowing the options you have is essential so that you can choose the type of sale or types of sales necessary for the success of your business.

All types of sales are easy to understand, but perhaps you still have some doubt about internal sales, or inside sales, which as I said many times is confused with telemarketing. But trust me, both the practice and the results are totally different.