We spoke with Gema Gómez, designer and creator of the Slow Fashion Spain platform, about responsible habits and their benefits in the world of fashion.

Should Spain look to some model of sustainability to acquire better sustainable habits globally?

We have been behind other cultures for years. The Nordic countries, for example, take us about 15 years of advantage in this matter. Even so, the globalized world has brought a greater awareness, but on the other hand, although the information circulates faster, it has not been socially integrated from the organisms. This information circulates but does not take root because there are not enough committed initiatives. Without going any further, the water continues to be wasted. More practical information should be brought to the citizen for their daily life.

Speaking of fashion, what can a woman with medium purchasing power do who tends to consume “fast fashion” or mass fashion but who has the concern to change her model?

Although it may seem like evidence, I would say “look at your closet”: we use only the 20% that we have controlled and the other 80% are usually clothes that we wear very occasionally. We have to take a good look at what we have in the closet, make outfits, and with what remains to buy, if really what you can afford is little, there are initiatives where clothing exchanges are made, vintage markets …

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The world is saturated with clothes and people are already dressed, in Humana there are containers that go to Africa with new clothes … The average number of times a garment is worn is 6 times.

In addition to the option of reuse, there is also that of emerging designers …

Most fast fashion firms   offer boring models and poor fabrics. Instead, emerging designers again emphasize quality. I have worked in a large chain and a great challenge for most of them is to make a good pattern. Small brands take care of it more because it is their differential value. They think more about style and less trend, so the consumer changes the chip more  .

The concept of looking in your closet beyond being anxious about the trend is interesting:

Totally. The most used fabrics are polyester in 42% and cotton in approximately 30%. From here, the garments can be found in different colors but nothing more. Every year you will continue to find the typical Hawaiian palm tree t-shirt in the store. The trend must be somewhat higher and more creative. That is why I defend the concept of Slow Fashion precisely because it takes care of the material, goes to another rhythm and conceives dressing as part of a whole, of a balance in your life and your way of thinking.

Would you highlight any initiative in this field?

Cus , who is looking for materials, finds his style for his client … and at the Equilicuá materials level , they make raincoats based on potatoes.

What is the age of the person who is interested in this topic?

From 25 to 45, more women than men. And when a woman has a child, a greater awareness is awakened by these issues. This sets up a rather interesting market.

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