A sales consultant may have different skills that enhance your success. One of them is curiosity. In this post, you will understand everything about the insatiably curious sales consultant and its main advantages to generate results.

Great sales figures are defined more by the questions they ask than by the information they offer.

They ask meaningful and purposeful questions, explore deeply and work in detail, and do all of this naturally.

The desire to read simply to learn gives the curious and insatiable sales consultant an edge in everything he does.

It is the carefully paved path by which the best sellers conduct their negotiations.

The 7 advantages of the insatiably curious consultant

Curiosity is a science, not an art. And like any science, it can be broken down into minor elements for study and a deeper understanding.

So far, I’ve found 7 items that give curious sales reps an edge:

1. Make your inputs fun

For sales consultants who like to learn, the process of knowing about a new business or new person, and a new problem to solve is just as satisfying (or sometimes more satisfying) than closing a deal.

The insatiably curious sales consultant is Dr. House from the professional world. For him, uncovering the puzzle of an illness and unlocking the secrets of what motivates human behavior is more satisfying than curing a patient.

With so much satisfaction in the inputs, that is, in what you do, the results come naturally . If you really like to cook, you are surely putting amazing meals on the table.

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2. Maintain control of conversations

Control of a conversation is with the person asking the questions. The insatiable curiosity of the high-performance sales representative makes him excellent at asking questions . That is part of your natural hardware.

He practices that skill and enters the position with years of experience and care in what he does. As is genuinely curious, the questions flow effortlessly and are written with empathy.

He really cares about understanding the situation in more depth, allowing him to stay in control of the sale, without appearing aggressive or arrogant.

3. Discover the true motivation of the buyers

The ideal world of sales consultant would be something like:

“Hello, I think I need your product because my current situation is such that, if I don’t buy it immediately, the specific problem I have, which I am sure you can solve, will persist. That means not buying and getting your help now means my future reality will be horrible so I better start making some changes quickly. I know all the solutions in this segment thanks to my research and I know that your product and your company are the best for me. Also, your price, despite not being so easy to pay, seems to me very appropriate for the value there is in working long-term with you. ”

The reality of a sales consultant goes something like this:

” ¿ What is your price?”

The insatiably curious sales consultant knows that information is critical. You also know that it is generally difficult to obtain. The more you know, the better things become, so you spend your time learning.


He knows that people don’t buy for his reasons, but for theirs, and the reason is never on the surface: he needs to dig to find it . His hoe is his desire for learning; his shovel, the carefully placed question.

Generally, the first response that the insatiably curious sales consultant receives is not enough.

His natural curiosity encourages him to go deeper and deeper in the search for every detail. He knows that the 5 whys may have started with the engineers, but they were created to be used in any problem diagnosis.

Only getting to the root of the problem is that you really manage to align the customer’s motivation to change, and that consultant knows it.

4. Build better plans

The insatiably curious sales consultant follows a fairly simple formula. The more you know, the more you understand the situation of your prospect and your feelings about it.

The more you understand, the more you can attribute true value to the root of what is happening and do it in language your customers understand. The more value the customer sees, the more comfortable they feel to understand and believe my recommendation.

The more understanding and belief on the part of the client, the more sales are made. Her natural curiosity creates a positive ripple effect in conversations that guide sales .

5. Build better relationships with your customers

Because the top-performing salesperson is naturally curious, he genuinely cares about understanding his customers.

Long before talking about the sale, you already spend time getting to know your customers. This not only shows sympathy, but also allows the client to open up and talk about himself without consequences.

When humans talk about themselves, dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure, is released. Dopamine, prompted by the sensation of being heard, makes people feel good.

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Since the curious sales representative does this automatically, he is generally a very nice person. His curiosity makes him have the best relationship with his clients, best conversations and more closed businesses .

6. Develop better communication skills

The insatiably curious sales consultant speaks at least 4 languages: the one that leads, the one that expresses, the one that analyzes and the one that complies.

These are the 4 main languages ​​of learning, driven by trends in human social style.

As a high-level representative you ask many questions ahead of time and frequently, you quickly learn the social style of your prospect and adjust how you communicate with how your client learns . Better communication = better sales result.

7. Develop a more expert sales process

The best of the best in any profession is never satisfied with his current performance.

This is also a reality for the high-performance sales representative. Not only is he skilled at questioning clients and digging deep into situation analysis, but he also questions and questions their processes.

And the questioning, the repetition and the tests never end. Insatiable curiosity turns him into an infinite student. You are always wondering how you can do better and therefore you are always in a state of self development .

Perhaps Einstein has said it in the best way: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. ” For the insatiably curious sales consultant, that’s not a simple phrase, it’s a state of mind.

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