Atopic dermatitis is a disorder that affects more than 50 million people worldwide. This is why we want to give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

If you usually have irritated, itchy, red skin for no apparent reason and burning … it may be that you have atopic skin . Atopic dermatitis or atopic skin is a chronic disease of the skin surface , which causes these symptoms and conditions the care of your skin. Do not worry! Although it is a permanent condition, there are efficient methods to control it and you can have healthy skin. Keep reading so you know what they are.

Types of atopic dermatitis by age

According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, atopic dermatitis can be divided into three types:

    • Infant Atopic Dermatitis: Present from five months of age, and is located on the face, ears, hands and scalp.
    • Childhood dermatitis: appears at 2 years and can extend until 7. Lesions appear on elbows and knees.
  • Dermatitis of the adult:  they appear after puberty in the areas of the nape of the neck, the feet, the back of the hands and the outer area of ​​the legs.
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And what are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms of this disease are: dry skin, body rashes, skin color changes and itching. If you suffer from atopic skin and scratch due to the itching it produces, you may manifest redness, swelling, blisters, fluid secretions, scabs and scales.

In children injuries usually appear on the face, scalp, hands and feet . While in adults the most frequent is on the inside of the knees and elbow, as well as on the neck, hands and feet.

Factors that cause it

The exact causes of this disease are not yet known, however experts believe that it is most likely due to both genetic and environmental factors , or that the skin lacks some protective protein.

On the other hand, there are factors that worsen the symptoms of this disease, so if you keep them at bay you can control it better. These are:

  • Foods that can cause an allergic reaction .
  • Allergies .
  • Colds or flu.
  • Contact with irritating or chemical materials.
  • Stress .
  • Sudden changes in temperature.
  • The use of perfumes and essences that add to lotions or soaps.

Simple and effective ways to control it

There are special medications to treat this disease. But there are also certain things you can do to improve the condition such as:

  • Use specific moisturizers for atopic skin .
  • Take antistamines to reduce itching.
  • Keep the home environment moist .
  • Consult with a dermatologist .

How do you know if you suffer from atopic skin?

In most cases it is obvious, since the symptoms are usually quite visible , but there are a series of tests or analyzes that you can do to determine if you suffer from atopic skin.

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In other cases, a skin biopsy may be required. Even some allergy skin tests could confirm or rule out if you have atopic dermatitis.

If you suffer from atopic skin or know someone who has it, this article will help you solve many doubts . Share it!