Zoom Calls
Zoom Calls

Over the past year, we’ve gotten pretty used to working from home. And yet it still never felt quite permanent. Now, however, according to UpWork, over 40 percent of the American workforce is continuing to work remote. And a lot of offices are leaning towards not bringing employees back in person ever again.

For entrepreneurs and small-business owners, it simply may not make sense to pay a premium for an office space. If you feel you’ll be working from home for good, then, it’s time to make sure your home office is up to snuff. That’s where Pictar’s Work From Home Kit comes in, and it’s on sale for just $99.99 — 25 percent off the list price of $134.

This kit is designed to improve your at-home workspace and make your video conferencing better than ever. It includes a Smart Lens Wide Angle 18 mm, Smart Light, and Telescopic Phone Stand to make your video calls clearer and simpler, no matter where you’re working. The wide-angle lens clicks onto your phone or laptop, providing a 160º angle to capture the perfect angle for your face. It offers universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and delivers high-grade optics for elite image quality.

Always struggling to get the light right in your home office? The smart light gives you studio-quality lighting and fully adjustable brightness to find the right light for your space. It also offers app control to quickly change the light temperature and 20 pre-set shooting modes depending on your needs.

Securing this level of high-quality video-conferencing is great for everything from putting together a fresh digital marketing campaign, to holding meetings, and interviews.

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Finally, the telescopic phone stand gives your device 360º rotation for landscape or portrait viewing and acts as a mini selfie stick if you want to take your calls on the road. With five flexible legs and silicone covering, it offers a stable and durable stand for any device, on any surface.

The Pictar Work From Home Kit has earned a 9.4-star rating from TheGadgetFlow for good reason. Treat yourself to a valuable deal, and get yours for 25 perecnt off $124 at just $99.99.