Betting Mobile Application
Betting Mobile Application

We review all the best betting Apps (Mobile Apps) to help you choose. No bookmakers can do without them, we are talking about applications for mobile devices. And it is that in recent years the behavior of users has changed significantly.

Why this comparison of the best mobile betting app?

Most bettors no longer place their tips from a desktop PC but via their smartphones or tablets via the betting app. This trend is even more significant if you look at Live events. After all, who wants to sit at home in front of their computer while the game is being played waiting for the right opportunities?
In our next test we are going to review and compare sports betting apps from different platforms. Let’s see what each betting app has to offer us and how they differ from the competition: App offer. mobile phones, special bonuses, additional functions, comparisons …

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What Makes An App A Good App?

To answer the question, below we review, compare and explain the most relevant features that every mobile betting app needs to have.

Offer to bet

The offer to bet through the mobile application with that of the web version is not always identical. On all platforms you will find the best sports such as football, tennis or ice hockey. But in terms of breadth there are clear differences. Some of the companies are clearly mainstream focused and ignore framework disciplines. Other brands will include exotic modalities such as surfing, chess or water polo that do not attract such a large audience. In addition, among the most prestigious firms (especially the British ones) they offer quotes on politics and television events.

In terms of applications for mobile devices, the ideal is that the complete catalog of bets is available to enjoy on the go, from wherever we want with the only requirement of having a good Internet connection. This not only affects the number of sports but also the depth of the markets.

The core of any sports betting app should be the Live offer. In live encounters is where immediacy prevails. You must respond to the scores and probabilities immediately. Something that only works through a smartphone or tablet. Some of the best apps for betting on sports are also characterized by the fact that they can follow Live broadcasts from anywhere. We are going to review and compare the apps based on these criteria and thus make the comparison.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Have you found a good chance but you have no money in your account? Then real-time deposits are necessary. In all good gaming apps, the cashier shouldn’t be missing from the menu. The option to deposit must be possible without charge, through credit card (Visa, MasterCard), electronic wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), direct reservation systems (GiroPay) and prepaid (Paysafecard). Comparing the means of payment is also key in our review.

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Of course, the application can not miss the payment request either. However, you should know that withdrawals require a time interval, which generally takes between 24 and 48 hours. In addition, if it is a first withdrawal we will always have to successfully complete the legitimacy check. Therefore, through the application we can request payment, yes, but not complete the process.

Customer service

Problems and questions can arise at any time, even in apps. mobiles. The best customer service will be the one that can be contacted directly from the application and help us with any required explanation. On the newer sites live chat has been integrated, where we can speak directly with support agents. As alternative forms of contact, a telephone hotline and email. Even if we experience technical difficulties with the application specifically, some operators have specialized support on these issues separately.

In the best sports betting apps you can also access the Frequently Asked Questions menu, where the most important questions are answered in advance. However, in our experience, the mobile help menu is generally not as extensive as it is on the desktop version.

Usability and Navigation

A very important aspect of a good betting app is, of course, usability. If you have to spend hours looking for the desired quota from your phone, you lose the greatest advantage of betting from your mobile, which is precisely instantaneity. All routes must be logical and traceable. For a quick selection, three or four screen touches are the maximum. Switching between single, combination and system bets must be done with one touch.

On the bright side, we found that some of the most important live betting for traders can be viewed directly from the home page of their applications. One touch of the screen is enough to transfer the odds on the coupon. In addition, not a few operators are working with quick links, through which current highlights can be directly accessed. In the applications it is Spanish, to place La Liga de futbol first.

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A layout with large buttons is also important for navigation routes. In our review and comparison we are going to assess whether the button layout is too small, there are difficulties in practical handling, especially on smaller-inch screens.

Visually, apps. of most operators are usually a picture of PC websites. Certainly the first impression is important to many users. But whether an app has a green, black, blue, or yellow background doesn’t matter in the rating. Visual design is anyway a subjective quality feature that is in the eye of the beholder. It is important that designers do not overload their applications with unnecessary ads, this will be another factor to assess in our review. At this point less is more.

Technology For iPhone, iPad, Android and Others

Technically a distinction can be made between the versions of the home page for mobile devices (web application) in the HTML 5 format and the classic native applications. In many cases, betting sites opt for optimized web pages and also offer ‘normal’ betting applications. The advantage of the web application is obvious. The user does not have to download any. It is enough to select the provider in the mobile browser and you can start with your forecasts. Technical settings in the respective terminal are made automatically.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the iPhone betting app directly through iTunes. In the case of Android devices, the download of the Android sports betting app is initiated through the web pages, so the download from an unknown source must first be enabled on the smartphone. Google Play does not yet offer real money gambling apps in Germany, for legal reasons in this country. In the UK, however, there are already some gambling apps. that can be obtained through Google. Some companies are also using classic applications for Windows Phone devices from the beginning.

How To Recognize A Good Sports Betting App

If you already have an account on a portal, you must log in to the home page. You will notice the quality of a good application very quickly. It is important that all the functions in the lobby are directly accessible, you can see the history of operations and find the desired offers in a few seconds. Below, we have again brought together the main features that every quality gambling application should implement:

  • That the entire supply of markets is available
  • Live betting as the main section and on the home page
  • Quick links to current and featured sports highlights
  • Great design, quick and easy navigation
  • Possibility of depositing and requesting withdrawals
  • Customer service can be contacted
  • Withdrawal function is integrated
  • Full players lounge with all built-in functions
  • Advertising is largely omitted

Tips for Betting Through the Sportsbook App

Here are three little tips and tricks that will usually get you the most success:

  • Follow a strategy: Play with a fixed strategy, based on defensive money management and a bankroll (or fund) established in advance. Before placing each forecast, you should carefully analyze the probabilities of the results.
  • Use the bonuses: Use the exclusive mobile bonuses. Since, as we said before, it will generally be rewards in the form of freebets, you can hardly go wrong. If your forecasts are not correct, you will not lose anything either.
  • Don’t be tempted: With your gambling app in your pants pocket, you have access to the latest offers and promotions throughout the day. So stay alert and avoid what has been called “gambling on anger.” Sure, Live events are significantly tempting. For this reason, generally, in the area “at stake” you must act with low amounts, since there it is not possible to carry out a precise and comprehensive analysis.
  • When placing bets live, make sure you have accurate information on each match. You can use our live

Mobile App Bonuses – The Special Extra

Let’s not forget that some brands reward betting on mobile devices exclusively, with an additional bonus.

Free bets

As a general rule, operators rely on freebets to reward activity from mobile devices (usually worth 10 euros). The user must meet certain conditions and qualification criteria to receive a free bonus in exchange. Also at this point, some houses also work with reimbursement models; fact that means that the free bonus will only be awarded in case of losing the first bet made.

Bonus For New Users

Of course, any new player who signs up for a house through its mobile app will also receive the well-known welcome bonus . With some operators we start directly with a no deposit bonus, that is, we get a reward without having to make any deposit. However, it is normal that this welcome bonus is calculated based on the initial deposit. In many cases the amount of the deposit that we have entered is doubled, with a 100% bonus. Generally, before we can request a payment, we must meet certain requirements (a condition known as rollover ). Some sites also include Freebets (free bonuses) as a welcome bonus.

The Future of Apps to bet on sports from your mobile

The houses adapt to the times. Its technical departments work every day to improve the apps to bet on sports and keep up to date. Development will continue to advance steadily and inexorably. Regardless of the mobile device you use, with each online provider you will find a suitable mobile betting app. Sports applications will always be up-to-date and up-to-date. There is no turning back. Right now they are already the main communication channel between the house and the user.

The best Sports Betting Apps

There are many mobile betting providers. You can check them all on our list of licensed bookmakers  . In the following, we would like to briefly introduce three industry companies that excel in the mobile sector.


Bet365 has always been one of the technical pioneers in the online sportsbook betting industry. The English company was one of the pioneers on the Internet at the end of the last millennium. Already the first portal of the provider was at the level of the big ones like Google or Facebook. Today the provider is completely technically configured. In addition to the mobile website, they have designed additional mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The flagship is undoubtedly Bet365’s mobile app (a favorite on the market). If you prefer to place forecasts on your favorite teams or athletes from the brand’s application, you will feel at home. Check the special promotions for mobile phones and take advantage of all their exclusivity.


22BET Betting Company was founded by people who are passionate about betting. We know what ideal service should be like from a customer’s point of view and we strive to provide it for you. At you will find all that modern betting has to offer: the broadest possible choice of markets on any sports as well as convenient payments, quick withdrawals, a unique reward scheme for loyal customers and much more.

Betfair APP

The Betfair app is much easier to use than the desktop version. There are no restrictions regarding mobile offers. Being able to access all sports, competitions, markets and options on the go. Of course, this also applies to live betting and their unique Exchange betting system. Even the transmissions can be received through the mobile. The main functions are integrated into the application. Deposits and withdrawals are possible, as well as new registrations. Technically it is based on classic native applications. This app can be downloaded through iPhone, iPad and Android. IOS device users will find its version in the App Store. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download its version through the home page.

Codere APP

This Spanish brand with great experience in the sector, allows you to bet from any mobile device without problems. Something that is noticeable in the aspect of both the web and the application is that the idea was to create an online platform different from the large international firms, without pretending to compete with them. In Codere We can easily bet from our mobile on sports, competitions and sporting events that we want, in addition to having fun with other traditional casino and slot games. Download the app or access from your smartphone or tablet. If you have an Android phone, you can download the application from the website itself, just by entering your phone number and they will send you a link by SMS. Download the App for iOS directly from the phone. If you have any questions about downloading the App, go to the bottom menu of the main page and click on “Bet on your mobile”. You can see that the mobile app is very important for this house and it is not a simple complement to the web, but the protagonist.

Sports Betting Apps FAQ

Is it advisable to download the Sports Betting apps?

There are no serious differences between each house’s mobile sports betting websites and their respective classic betting app. The offers and the lateral functions are practically identical in both versions (Computer and Betting App). The advantage of using the web betting application is the fact that it is not necessary to download them. However, if you don’t intend to change your phone or tablet in the near future, you should definitely go for a native app (downloadable sports betting app). As a general rule, we can start our activity without having to log in every time from the betting app.

Does the betting app have the offer to bet in full?

Yes. It is true that before there were some drawbacks and not all special markets were included in the sports betting app. However, this is a thing of the past. Our analyzes have shown that the desktop versions and the mobile sports betting apps are 100% identical in terms of offer.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties with the sports betting apps?

If you find it difficult to download or use the sports betting app, you should contact customer service. The support agents are technically well-trained professionals and are available to help and advise us. Sometimes there is even a contact section specialized in solving technical problems of the “Betting app”.
Do I need an additional mobile betting account?

 No. Anyone who has registered with an operator through a computer does not need an additional account to bet from their mobile sports betting app. The same login details apply in parallel for both versions (PC and mobile betting). And vice versa… Anyone who has logged in through a mobile betting app can use their user data on the desktop computer.

Are all the deposit and withdrawal methods available in the apps?

No. As a general rule, only part of the deposit systems are available for betting on the go. Here we should not look at the operators, but at the financial service providers of mobile betting. Not all companies can provide mobile payment options. However, our experience in recent months has shown that mobile betting payment offers have been expanded step by step. We are sure that each user will find their appropriate payment method through their mobile device
Android Sports Betting App or Iphone Betting App?

 Currently, the best sports betting apps usually have both an Android sports betting app and an IOS App (App for Iphone) available. There will be small differences in the operation of one and the other, since sometimes there are devices that allow more functions than others, this is especially noticeable in the android sports betting app, since the Android system operates for different brands of telephones, while the Iphone betting app, as they are always betting apps for the same manufacturer (Apple), they are usually always the same.

Is there a better sports betting app?

In general, the best sports betting app for one person will not be the same as the best betting app for another, each one has its strengths and weaknesses. There are some that seem better betting app, because they have many very attractive graphics, however this can make them have longer loading times; and there are some that seem poorer, and yet if we have a poor quality mobile connection we will find it much better mobile betting app, because it will go faster. We recommend that you try several mobile betting apps, taking advantage of the welcome offers to decide for yourself: Which is the best sports betting app.