Reasons to Install a Wi-Fi-Based Sprinkler System
Reasons to Install a Wi-Fi-Based Sprinkler System

Reasons to Upgrade Your Lawn with a Wi-Fi-Based Sprinkler System

With cold weather already here, many Brampton homeowners are preparing their lawns for winter by winterizing their sprinkler systems.

But there is another way to prepare your lawn: by investing in a Wi-Fi-based sprinkler system.

Although irrigation is something most of us don’t think about in winter, consider upgrading your irrigation system with a more efficient sprinkler system to make it spring-ready.

Keep reading to find out why a Wi-Fi-based smart sprinkler system is a wise and practical purchase for your Brampton lawn.

Do Irrigation the Smart Way with a Wi-Fi-Based Sprinkler System in Brampton

Smart home technology can be found in almost all appliances these days. You can easily link it with Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control everything from the locks on your doors to your lights.

Similarly, a Wi-Fi-based sprinkler system gives you the freedom to access your irrigation system from any location. By connecting your controller to your water supply and home Wi-Fi network, you can easily access it through your mobile phone or tablet.

From scheduling your sprinkler system to receiving weather data on your smartphone, there are many benefits to replacing your old in-ground sprinklers with this upgraded one.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should switch to a smart sprinkler system.

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Control Your Sprinkler No Matter Where You Are

You can control your smart sprinklers from anywhere using your mobile device, just like other connected devices. No matter whether the weather suddenly turns too hot, cold or rainy, you can properly adjust your sprinklers using your mobile, even when you are not at home.

Smart sprinklers also offer auto-scheduling options. So, you can fill in information about your lawn and then it can help you decide when it is best to water it and for how long. If you have local watering restrictions, you can block off those days on your remote.

Many smart sprinkler systems work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, you can use voice control to operate it.

No More Worries About Bad Weather

One of the most common issues homeowners run into is forgetting to turn off their sprinklers when it rains. This results in an overwatered or even flooded lawn that essentially drowns when the soil is unable to absorb all of the water. This not only wastes water but can destroy or severely damage your lawn.

Another benefit of installing a Wi-Fi-based sprinkler system is that it monitors weather information, which allows it to modify the watering schedule according to local weather. By doing this, you avoid overwatering. It also saves you water and money that would otherwise be wasted due to overwatering.

Great at Self-Diagnosis

Remember when you had to look for signs of a damaged sprinkler system from abnormally high water bills or dripping water from broken pipes? You can say goodbye to those nightmares because a Wi-Fi-based sprinkler system is smart enough to diagnose itself.

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This can help you better understand your irrigation system. For example, if you have a broken valve, a faulty control line, or a broken sprinkler head, the smart controller can sense the issue and notify you about it.

Today’s technology improves the process of watering your lawn. By switching your old controller for a Wi-Fi one, you can have more control over how much water is used each time your sprinkler system waters your lawn. Visit Ontario’s top sprinkler system store to buy the best sprinkler system to get a healthy lawn.