Have you heard of the NFL Humor Anthem “Amphendilod” by the Eagles? It is the lyrics only.

As an Indian origin singer, Varun Maheshwari wants to express his thoughts on a love song and hope that it can win the hearts of the listeners. In his Hindi movie, “Bantu” (one with black skin), he plays a character who has thick black skin and is abused because of his skin color.

A minstrel act, however, is performed by Indian singers from Sikkim, Sikandara Singh, and Kishore Kumar. A young Sikh girl starts the singing of a Hindi version of the Athingal Aditi Bhatta Rani song “Chaiya.” The ladies in this movie are played by superstar actress Vidya Balan, who plays a YWCA director and an Indian social worker.

This is also a remake of the movie “Ashok Banerjee Choudhury,” which was in theaters for two years. The theme of this movie is similar to it. For this film, Vinay (Vinayakan) plays a lawyer, Ranbir (Dhananjay Kumar) a medical student, Irrfan (Pradeep Sarkar) a retired judge, and Nitesh (Dushyant Rao) a janitor.

The interesting storyline of this movie is that three gallant soldiers, after serving in Iraq, come back to India to settle in Mumbai. When the women on their way to work saw the movie, they decided to get their husbands to sing in the movie.

The movie was made in collaboration with actor James Tamblyn. The storyline involves a widower who is a filmmaker and his wife, a director, who is a writer. When they get married, her father (Nandita Das) demands that they both be put in the movie and the young man refuses, thus giving the characters a more human touch.

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A comic twist in the movie is that the Indian cop named Rana Singh, played by Salman Khan, appears and gets insulted by the actors. In his revenge, he uses a policeman’s name for his hit-man role.

Annette Benning (Alia M.B. Machadia) is the agent assigned to investigate the case of a serial killer named Mr. Chopra (Naseeruddin Shah). He breaks into a woman’s house, kills her, and then commits suicide. After her husband finds out about it, he plots to kill the actor (Samir Pancholi).

All the while, the movie is set in London, the scene being dominated by the British Agent (Annette Benning) and her Foreign Division colleague (Samir Pancholi). During her investigation, Alia M.B. Machadia gets entwined in the plot and attempts to assassinate the star.

Playing the lead role is newcomer Swapan Gangwar, who is of Chinese origin. Playing a taxi driver, Loke in the movie is played by Amit Galyan, who did not get much publicity in the first few weeks. The storyline is much like the other Hindi movies and has several funny moments, which makes it more interesting to watch.

The main challenge of this Indian film is the chemistry between the two leads, Loke and Swapan. On the other hand, a small part played by Dev Anand makes this movie very interesting. However, the movie did not go down well with critics as they found the story boring and unexciting.

If you have not yet seen the movie, you should take some time to watch the trailer, which is available online. for free. Finally, I wish you a happy viewing!

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