An Exciting Film About Hero and an Adonis

At a very young age, I could never understand the Adonis and Hero theme that The Indian Princess had. The Jeevana Bachao Incessant seems to be an improved version of the Adonis and Hero story. The antagonist is Sarat Singh, who leads a rastra army that seeks the throne.

The story starts with the threat of rebellion from the only woman Jeevana’s husband. Jeevana has raised a family, loved them and protected them.

The love triangle with Jeevana’s husband is not only charming but it also draws the audience’s attention. Incessant is a well-written Bollywood film.

The battle scene where several battalions are engaged in numerous battlefield battles is grand. The Adonis and Hero theme has a dynamic performance from Vijay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan.

The rest of the cast is average but there is nothing to complain about their performances. The epic role is played by Ranbir Kapoor. He is funny, witty and can display a heroic spirit when he chooses to.

The one moment that captures the attention is when Sarat Singh refuses to fight against hero. This scenes does not go in the Adonis and Hero movie, so it is a nice surprise to see this in the title Incessant. It is well written and when the heroes and villains enter the battle field, the screenplay becomes more intense.

Patrio Bernardo plays the role of Jeevana. An excellent dancer, he demonstrates his ballet dancing skills in this Indian Princess film.

The character of Sarat Singh is shown to be a villainous figure in the beginning of the film. However, the villain character gradually transforms into a hero when he gains the trust of hero.

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We can identify the qualities of a protagonist very easily. During the fight sequence, it becomes evident that Jeevana and Sarat Singh do not believe in the Adonis and Hero theme. They believe in an Indian princess.

The director Dibakar Banerjee has used the themes from the traditional films for this movie. His Oye Lucky!

This film was screened at the Canberra International Film Festival. The audience loved the Indian Princess. No wonder then, why the film has been accepted by audiences in Australia.

If you want to watch a great Bollywood film, visit the Dr. S.E. Lee Film Festival in Sydney. Watch your favorite Bollywood blockbuster. The famous Incessant is a good example of a new generation Bollywood film.