The social network for professionals, LinkedIn, has just launched a new advertising tool for advertisers. Within its official page it calls them Conversation Ads , an expansion of its Sponsored InMail format It is expected that, as its name suggests, it will allow companies to connect with potential customers directly in a private message. But it would also be a much more complete and complex offer than that.

The idea of ​​this new advertising is for brands to have quality conversations with customers. This, with more dynamic interactions with the entire target audience. Rather than limiting your conversation to a text message and a link, LinkedIn will let brands set various buttons and options, which can be programmed for various business goals. As the person navigates this new experience, the possibility of closing a lead increases.

Why should your brand be interested in this advertising format?

As already mentioned, social networks constantly present new tools for their clients. For example, Twitter recently launched its Themes utility in Mexico, which should help brands rank higher in user feeds . Reddit also gave its brands a surprise by enabling the option to buy a space in their trends. For its part, Snapchat created an app to develop Augmented Reality filters without help.

The LinkedIn tool is interesting in the way it is following the trend towards more dynamic content. All users, from the general public to decision makers in B2B transactions, want their marketing messages to be much more interesting. One part of this is, of course, advertising personalization. However, it is also crucial that the experience as such is dynamic in its implementation.

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When an advertisement is interactive, users have more opportunities to have a relationship with the company in question. And the more interesting this link, the greater the probability that the commercial message will be successfully absorbed by the individual. This is a win-win on the part of both agents. Not only people can enjoy a much better interaction with companies. Also brands can enhance their effectiveness.

These platforms can offer companies various types of advertising. For example, apps like TikTok are willing to collaborate with international authorities in the event of a health emergency. There are companies, similar to Amazon, that use these channels in their internal recruiting process. Of course, they are also a crucial communication channel so that companies can be in constant contact with their consumer audience.

According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn grew its active user base by 25% of the 18-24 age group. For this and more reasons, it is important to take full advantage of the tools that the different social networks give us to reach our target market, obtain more and better sales and obtain the exponential growth that is so sought after.