According to a recent report 5G Americas , the Telework and became part of the labor situation in the economically acti goes in Latin America , it has a share of close to 10% in countries like Brazil and Argentina, and between the 2 and 4% in Chile and Mexico. In the case of Colombia, about 10,000 companies, of which 2,500 are MSMEs, are applying telework, which means that a total of 95,439 people carry out their work under this modality.

However, although the modality of working at home has already begun to become a reality for a large number of companies , it is important not to take this issue lightly since it must be as serious as the traditional modality. Therefore, there are currently different tools for the heads of organizations to learn to virtually lead their work teams.

Keys to lead the remote work team

In addition to the solutions and technologies that we can find in the market, it is necessary to keep in mind some keys to be able to manage the work of our work teams without being located in the same physical space.

  • Establish rules: It is important to determine some parameters or rules for those times when the work team will be carrying out their tasks from different places to the office.  
  • Compliance with objectives: In general, organizations that implement this type of remote work prefer to implement a series of objectives that must be met by employees. Working in this way can help all team members be on the same page and it will be more difficult for them to evade their responsibilities.
  • Constant and clear communication: As it is a remote workspace, it is key that the leader keep in constant communication with his team and that he send clear information and messages to avoid inconveniences. Therefore, everyone should know what their deadlines, responsibilities and what should be the work schedule that must be met, even if it is not in the physical space of an office.
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Connect to the entire team at the push of a button

As we mentioned earlier, one of the keys to making remote work profitable and work correctly is constant communication. Therefore, Movistar has developed tools such as Team Talk , a mobile application that facilitates direct communication with a person in the company and / or in a group manner with the push of a button.

Among the main benefits offered by this tool are: the possibility of having an immediate connection with the work team in less than 1 second, the operation it has through 3G, 4G and even WiFi networks, the easy administration of contacts and groups, the ability to encrypt conversations to offer greater security, and of course, the availability of the application on iOS and Android devices.

With Team Talk, you can make high-quality calls, create talk groups, and know who is currently connected to speak to you, or send an alert so you know someone wants to speak to you. Similarly, team leaders will be able to record calls and even monitor them to be aware of everything that happens with employees. In this way, these solutions will facilitate the communication of the teams that work remotely, and will help the tasks to be carried out successfully, just as if people were always within the same physical work environment.

The current success of remote work mode

As indicated by 5G Americas, the deployment of telework is in a development process throughout Latin America , with different levels of adoption according to each country. In general terms, the scenario presented by the region today is positive for the future, but it is necessary for companies to adequately manage their remote work teams, and for employees to have the necessary tools to perform their tasks well. from the place where they are .

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