Cryptocurrency has become an interesting topic among people nowadays. The reason for this admiration is none other than the widespread success of Bitcoin. The only currency which made its beginning on 3rd January 2009 by the founder Satoshi Nakamoto. During its beginning, many investors made a successful investment in it and became richer. If you are abreast with Bitcoin news today, then you might be knowing that the price value of Bitcoin at that time was $10K. The first purchase which was made through Bitcoin were two pizzas. Then slowly the surge in its price value made it a successful cryptocurrency all over the world. Not only did it become a worldwide phenomenon but it also paved for altcoins or alternate coins. The motive of these altcoins is always to become a better option for Bitcoin. Today in this blog, we are going to reveal to you about top altcoins for hodling.

Altcoins might have gained immense success in the previous year in terms of investment and finances, but will these altcoins be able to sustain their success in the year 2020? Let us find out. While exploring the list of 2020 top altcoins for hodling, let us begin with Bitcoin. The reason to include the dominant cryptocurrency is it is a well-known cryptocurrency. But mere popularity won’t make the investors content to it. They are keen to look out for other alternate options as well. They are curious to figure out other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Or you can say ‘altcoins.’

Having multiple options in the crypto space seems very exciting. Also, it is good to think out of the box instead of sticking to one particular entity. That is why investors also want to come out from the confinement of choice for Bitcoin. They are eager to try out altcoins. But choosing the best among the rest is the real test. With so many multiple options available, it becomes a daunting situation to speculate about which altcoin would be promising for long-term investment. Finding the answer to this question is indeed not so simple, but can however be estimated. So let us explore the array of top altcoins for hodling given below.


What Is HODL In Crypto?

Before we move on to the options for top altcoins for hodling, let us make you understand about the term ‘HODL’. This term is the wrongly spelt word of the correct word ‘Hold’ Luckily, the misspelt version of this word became so popular in cryptocurrency, when it was being written as a post by a user name GameKyuubi in a drunken state. In cryptocurrency, the meaning of this term states about buying and holding of the crypto coins including the leader Bitcoin.

2020 Top Altcoins For HODLing

Now let us get back to our main topic which is based on 2020 top altcoins for HODLing. So here are the options.


Bitcoin is the popular digital currency which sticks to its kingship by holding the top position in CoinMarketCap. But that does not mean, it is free from any competition from any other crypto coin, Ethereum. It deserves to be called the best cryptocurrency to HODL. Even though it might not reach the level of Bitcoin, still, it is the next most popular altcoin in the crypto world. It seems Ethereum is ready with its unique plans for the year 2020. An additional advantage which reveals about Ethereum’s potential is the dawn of Ethereum 2.0 rollout. 


Another runner up for the race of 2020 top altcoin for HODLing is the Telcoin. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility coin. Partnership with the major giant firms like Verizon and AT&T is the biggest objective of this altcoin. If it comes true, then integration with cryptocurrencies and mobile industries will become possible. By getting success in this objective will leave no space for any hurdle between mobile money and billing platforms. Telcoin has gained a lot of attention since the time of its launch. The gap which was prevalent between the blockchain technology and telecom industry has now started diminishing with the efforts of Telcoin.

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Ripple is a well-known cryptocurrency that is capable of superseding fiat currency. The initial design of this altcoin which is applicable for entrepreneur use is much speedier and is beneficial for cross-border payments. Note that Ripple does not classify any difference between the cryptocurrency and fiat currency. This becomes simple for making exchanges between two currencies. So this also comes under the list of 2020 top altcoins for HODLing.


These are those 2020 top altcoins for HODLing. So it is not mere Bitcoin, which seems promising for you. Since it is the first cryptocurrency which is credited for making the concept of cryptocurrency popular worldwide. Besides this, it is also known for paving the way for altcoins. Now it is a human tendency to think out of the box and to explore new things. The same can be noticed in the world of cryptocurrency. Investors who are well-aware about the popularity of Bitcoin, now have become eager to experiment with new coins other than it. Altcoins like Ethereum, Telcoin, and Ripple seem to be much promising for them.