Tulips are the most incredibly shaped blossoms with a fair touch of soothing appearance. These upside-down bell-shaped flowers look like a heavenly ornament prepared with delicacy and love. Tulips are known to have a delicate structure from outside which is followed by very strong and firm support by stalks, the insides of the flower are coated with thickly layered petals making this flower a symbol of inner strength, eternal love, and generosity. Different shades of tulips depict different meanings and emotions.

Tulips are known for their vividity in colours and around 150+ species. They were found in the Himalayan region of Nepal for the very first time and later they travelled the whole world. Tulips have petals and buds of almost the same size which efflorescence and readily grow throughout January to May. You may give a bouquet of tulip flowers or cake delivery in Delhi for your dearest ones during these months. But before you get a bouquet of tulips for your loved here are some tips and guide for you to choose the conveyor of emotions efficiently.

  • Red tulip symbolizes the emotion of love and romance. They are often used as a medium to convey love, respect, and admiration for someone. The red shade of tulips is the perfect blossoms for lovers as they depict the feeling of charisma, perfectness of relationship, and togetherness. Red being the colour of passion depicts passionate love and care towards someone.
  • Yellow tulips represent glory and praises. Like the colour yellow of sunshine, the tulips of yellow shade are marked as an appreciation for someone’s physical features like eyes or a bright smile. Yellow tulips also depict how confident and graceful a person is. They are often used as a symbol of friendship.
  • White tulips are the most paradisal of all tulips. They are the ones that depict peace, purity, and integrity. White tulips have been used in aromatherapies because of the calmness and freshness they bring with them. They provide a grass-green gaze to many people and are amongst the most sold and cultivated blossoms. White tulips are often used for condolences. They are the best conveyor of apologies.
  • Purple tulips carry different meanings in different cultures and countries. In some Asian countries, purple is the colour of emptiness and sorrows while in western cultures purple is known for fame, wealth, and prosperity. Nowadays, Asian culture has shifted more to accept these beautiful purple coloured flowers for royalty, pride, and joy.
  • Pink tulip is known for young love and appreciation. The pink colour is often depicted as feminity and kindness. Tulips of pink shade are the symbol of young love, appreciation, feminity, generosity, and perfect love. Go grab some pink tulips by online flower delivery in Pune.
  • Orange tulips are the symbol of passion, energy, and enthusiasm. They are often a part of the birthday flowers bouquet as they convey courage, strength, and joy. 
  • Black tulips or the Queen of the night is the most powerful flower to convey your love for someone. Black tulips convey true or eternal love for someone. If you want to convey your immense and passionate love towards someone then Black tulips are the best conveyor.
  • Green tulips are the conveyor of an ideal relationship and togetherness. They are used profoundly in wedding and engagement decorations as they depict the purity and sanity of the relationship. 

    The abovementioned shades of tulips are the most widely accepted and loved by the florists all around the globe because of their tantalizing look.

    Tulips are the most exciting and elegant flowers. They are cultivated and sold on a large scale in Western countries. The Netherlands is known for its annual tulip cultivation and variety of species grown there. During the 1600s tulips were ten times as expensive as a common man’s salary in the Netherlands. Tulips are recognized as an important flower for decorations, gifting, aromatherapies, and food. Many people use the edible petals of tulip flowers instead of onion bulbs. 

    You may get a bouquet of tulips delivered at your doorstep with BloomsVilla to add spark to your relationship and other events. A gift of the tulip is surely an enchanting and divine pleasure for the receiver. The loveliness and liveliness of tulips make it the most invaluable gift of all times. To a true flower lover, shades or colours may never constraint them from choosing a certain blossom over the others as all flowers are blissful and beautiful in their own way. I hope now you have gained enough experience with the tulips and the emotions they symbolise.

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