A Quick Guide to Using Subsmovies
A Quick Guide to Using Subsmovies


With a fast growing interest in internet videos, especially those that are short and interesting, a new form of video sharing has been gaining popularity: Subsmovies. This is now a complete system that combines all the benefits of videos with easy management of each video’s metadata, such as the title, tags, description, thumbnail and so on. However, to achieve this, one must have an easy to use video sharing system.

After using the first version of Subsmovies, it was possible to manage and organize all the files that you wanted to share in your own way, such as sorting them into folders. This made the process of uploading the video much simpler and also allowed you to automate the actions needed to get your uploaded video online. However, the traditional way of managing a system like this was rather complex, requiring many hours of dedicated work for each video.

However, with the release of the new version of Subsmovies, the core feature has been extended, allowing for much more advanced video management features. It now supports all of the features of a video sharing system. Features include embedding your videos in websites, submitting to social bookmarking sites, searching, auto uploading and tagging, as well as a shared web socket connection between videos.

One of the most exciting additions to the program is the ability to quickly upload and publish your videos from within Subsmovies. The upload wizard has been redesigned and the new and improved Subscriber System allows you to upload multiple videos in a single step, without the hassle of manually sending each one to their own hosting account. This is a great time saver and saves a lot of time when uploading.

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Another key feature in the new version of Subsmovies is the ability to keep up to date and alert on changes in a video’s Metadata. This provides an excellent user experience for creating a video’s content and also lets the viewer know that a video is in active development, even if it was created months ago. All of the new and improved functionality and add-ons of the new version of Subsmovies also have a WebSocket interface, so users can immediately see the changes being made to a video while it is being edited.

Once the video is uploaded, all you need to do is push a button to tell Subsmovies to upload it to the server. Now when you want to preview or edit a video, all you need to do is point your browser to the server. The user experience is completely seamless and allows you to directly edit and publish the video at any time. You can also start and stop the video as you want, and this has been implemented from the start of the system.

Another great feature of Subsmovies is the integration of the social bookmarking website, Digg. With this, all of your Subscribing’s can be managed, and you can provide extra tags and descriptions for your video, if desired. The new add-on allows for tagging in addition to descriptions, which allows you to create, manage and categorize videos.

Not only does the new system provide for social bookmarking, but it also offers for extra tags for those who are interested in the tool. Additionally, with the add-on and the dedicated web socket support, videos can be automatically uploaded and published to the social bookmarking sites, where the users can view and save them at any time.

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The user interface in Subsmovies has been redesigned, adding to the ease of using and managing your videos. Additionally, the functionality has been streamlined, making it easier to manage your videos, even if you have several of them.

It has also been made easier to search and index the videos that you upload. The search screen and the page where videos are listed has been redesigned, allowing for even greater functionality. In addition, the system now also has a strong index of each video’s metadata, such as its description, tags, description, thumbnail and so on.

The Video Manager, or DomiVideo, is an advanced video editing software program that is integrated with Subsmovies. This makes it easy to quickly crop, resize, rotate and edit each video. With the new version of DomiVideo, you can edit an unlimited number of videos and convert video formats with ease.