You spent the night thinking about selling. You couldn’t keep an eye on trying to unravel the sales secret. How to sell more and better? Well, so that it does not happen again in this post we will tell you the secret, after all you need to sleep well to have a better performance. 😉

Do you want to sell more? Then solve your lead problem better, solve more doubts, offer more value, accompany after-sales more, be more friendly, create more and better sales opportunities, generate more leads and qualify them even more. Everything more and better, but how do I get that?

With the sales process, the classic marketing concept has evolved the most in the digital age. Thanks to inbound marketing, the sales process became a map that allows us to understand in detail the sense of opportunity.

But, let’s get down to it. Let’s pretend that I am the seller, you are the customer and we are going to enter a funnel. You dare?

Sales opportunities

The digital marketing exponentially expanded the number of points of contact with potential customers. But that can be a double-edged sword, we can be invasive, or inadequate and that could work against us.

If you have the discipline to respect all stages of the sales process, you will have a real customer-making machine in your hands. So below we are going to show you how this intellectual technology called sales process works:

What is the sales process?

A method through which we get to understand how a buyer thinks. We call it the sales process because it was created by and for sellers with the aim of understanding what are the stages that, necessarily, every person has to go through when making a purchase-sale transaction.

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It is not just about increasing, but also about qualifying the moments to make the sale. By studying and understanding the buying habits of your customers you start to think like them and that gives you the following advantages:

  • You create more and better sales opportunities;
  • You anticipate problems and objections when selling ;
  • You segment your audience more effectively;
  • You create more effective feedback mechanisms, such as feedbacks or satisfaction surveys to get more re-sales.

Why use this method?

Because by having the possibility of improving our understanding of the buyer’s situation, we increase the possibilities of generating more quality points of contact with our potential customers and, thus, make our offer at the most appropriate time: this is what we call increasing and qualify sales opportunities.

Being inappropriate or inappropriate are the main mistakes that a seller can make, nothing worse than receiving an offer at a time when our minds and hearts are elsewhere, thinking about something else.

The Buyer Persona

The Buyer Persona is a great and essential tool in the sales process. This is a semi-fictional character that we create based on information from our clients. This person will give us all the information to generate the much-needed sales opportunities. 

It is the one that organizes all the information of the process, with it you will know when, where, with what language, through what medium, your age, profession, etc. The Buyer Persona is the representation of your sales niche, the better you create it, the better you will build your sales process.

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Another tool that emerges from the sales process and that was also born in classic marketing is the famous sales funnel . It is basically the graphic representation of the sales process in order to lead the lead to advance through the stages. It consists of three parts:

  • Top: in which we use attraction techniques as we will see further
  • Medium: argumentation and persuasion techniques.
  • Background: closing techniques and bureaucracies.

 The method

We have 4 stages and the sales process consists of making each person you manage to evolve go step by step until the purchase is made.

We have to attract the person who is passing by to see us, we have to interest the person who saw us so that he considers, the person who considered we have to persuade to solve the one that was resolved, we have to facilitate the processes to close the sale.

Each stage has its own logic and rules, so you shouldn’t mix things up. If you are at the beginning of a link you must attract, if you are in the middle you must argue and if you are at the end you must be “elegantly” expeditious.

Let us now go to the stages to analyze it from the point of view of the seller, the customer and the funnel.

1 – Attraction – uncovered – top of funnel

The plan is as follows, the marketing sector is going to attract the customer so that he discovers your product or service and enters through the sales funnel. For that we must use segmentation techniques using the Buyer Persona.

She will give us all the information of our ideal client so that we know where, when and in what way we make ourselves visible so that he can discover us. We must be attractive.

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2. Interest – recognition – funnel means

Once we attracted people interested in our offer, we began to consider them as leads , as they are potential clients. Unlike the previous stage, leads know that they need your product.

At this stage, the lead recognized that it has a need, but did not think about buying yet, so we must use a trigger, such as an offer or a discount, to decide to advance to the middle of the funnel . We must be persuasive.

3. Argumentation – consideration – means of the funnel

Now the customer already knows that he wants the product and is considering the purchase, now we must facilitate the decision. The techniques here are related to argumentation: cost benefit, opportunities, special offers, payment method, delivery, etc.

At this stage we concentrate on explaining as clearly as possible the attributes, benefits and differentials of the service or product. We must be convincing.

4. Sale – purchase – funnel bottom

The client makes the decision, wants to buy, therefore we must have all the technical information and facilitate all the processes to be expeditious: form of payment, delivery, contracts, receipts, documentation.

This is the most important moment of the entire process, the bottom of the funnel , when the wills are aligned and it is only necessary to formalize the transaction and close the sale. At this stage we must be precise and elegant.


If we are successful and all the stages are passed in a satisfactory way, the lead returns for the start of the process. In other words, the sales process feeds on itself following logic: as important as winning customers is keeping them.