Virtual reality
Virtual reality,

More and more companies are being forced to isolate their jobs or start teleworking in Spain due to the evolution of the coronavirus in a few days. Currently, technology is a perfect ally and a viable work alternative, highlighting, among others, virtual reality, which makes it possible to recreate any type of environment, simulating physical experiences in digital ecosystems.

In this sense, the pioneer company of professional VR solutions, augmented and mixed reality, Kuantiko Studio, developed VR Angel, the first software developed in Spain that allows a group of people to connect remotely through VR glasses . This technology can be controlled by the project manager, who knows where his team is at all times. An alternative that enables employees to continue training with the “same proximity and environment as in their usual centers.”

What are the benefits of this technology?

-It enables remote training , without the need to move an employee or a group to a certain space.

-It facilitates the retention of knowledge at the highest possible level since it retains 75% of what we experience.

-Reduces the learning curve because it avoids distractions.

-Allows the person in charge to have control throughout the process.

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