You can not postpone it any longer, the market advances and you must be sure that your competition makes the decisions to satisfy its needs. Are you ready to make the correct decisions that allow you to drive the strategic engines to accelerate your company?

1.Move out of your comfort zone. 

The comfort zone is characterized by making you believe that you are moving, however, you are only letting yourself be carried by the current. You don’t grow, you don’t change, you don’t take risks, you don’t learn and above all, you don’t change. Staying here comes at a cost, and it’s terrible. Successful businesses are managed looking to the future. This means that the goals you set for yourself in the short, medium and long term must be established from the present and to achieve this you have to move.

2.Increase your commercial aggressiveness.

 This does not mean that you are passive, on the contrary, it refers to that you have to become twice as active. How? Integrating into your formula a communication strategy that transmits the importance of your product or service in a useful, unique, impactful way, that goes viral, but above all that adds value for you, your company and, of course, for your consumer.

3.Step up your marketing. 

Before anything else you must be clear about who your target is and who your target audience is. Knowing this and only this will allow you to offer a digital marketing strategy. The tools are at your fingertips: digital technology, telemarketing and successful promotion are the key to fine-tune your marketing machine, you just need to monetize it correctly to achieve high levels of conversion.

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4.Take control of your results. 

You cannot walk forward without being clear about your results during 2016, therefore you need to be very clear about your growth plan for 2017, 2018 and 2019, minimum 10 years. Do not change your growth expectations, create them, do not change your goals, increase them. But you can’t help but be clear about your number of sales, variable costs, gross profit, fixed expenses, and net profits. Having a clear perspective on your business numbers is the key to focus on your goals.

5.Create new business habits of your own and in your team. 

This means that you must always operate under a plan, with a weekly agenda that contains your weekly, monthly and annual goals; monitor your results daily; align your growth plan with your team and review it every week; Evaluate your results monthly and promote and recognize the improvements and initiatives of your team.

6.Reduce your cost of operations. 

If selling involves 10% of your profits, then you have to reduce your operations. It is not about cutting staff, this would only increase spending, you need to lower the costs of care, supply and distribution, how? prospecting appropriately.

7.Train yourself to win. 

I tell you because I know that, throughout my career as the # 1 Coach in Mexico and North America, we have supported more than 8,000 entrepreneurs in their growth. The habit makes the monk, but to achieve this it is necessary to have all the tools that allow you to align your vision, your goals and your growth formula, the best decision you can make this 2017 is to grow your profits in a predictable way, training is the key to achieve it.

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