Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice

Health: Lemon-mint drink … Break the sun …

Lemon Mint Drink: It is natural to drink plenty of liquids during the dry season. Of those things … the lemon-mint drink is great.

Lemon Mint Drink:

General mint drink is sold on the roads. Now that the lockdown is in effect … nothing like this is happening on the roads. So … rather than outside … At home we make our own nice lemon-mint drink and drink … good for health. Drinking a drink like this nowadays with coronavirus spreading … immunity is very high. So … putting it in the fridge … drinking too much is a risk. Drinking without original cooling is great. Because … what’s in the fridge is not natural cooling. It is not set to our body. Drinking cool water … should not be throat. That is why … keep it cooling as much as possible. People who are tired of working in the sun and drinking this lemon-mint drink … where there is no energy.

Lemon-Mint Juice (Desirable for both):

Lemon Drink (Limca or Sprite): 500ml Bottle 1

Fresh mint leaves – one cup
fresh lemon juice – 2 tbsp or one large lemon

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