Put in all the possible dietary efforts like eating low caloric foods or tried practicing vigorous exercise for weight loss?

Applied many skin care products for better skin but, it did not show best results! Also tried out many ointments to reduce muscle pain but it didn’t give sustainable effect!


Even the fittest and health conscious person undergoes the process called aging. Aging is inevitable process and a woman undergoes many physiological changes during the process. 

It is said that a healthy inside leads to a healthy outside. So here you go with few nutritional tips with facts and realize about those small errors which is delaying you to flaunt your 50’s.

Boost up your metabolism!

As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, one of the major changes after menopause is a shift in weight distribution. At puberty, females tend to collect extra weight around thigh and hip region which changes to the trunk part around abdomen. This leads to women think that there is a requirement of vigorous exercise. Increased stress during the exercise releases the stress hormone cortisol which might increase your weight .So opting for aerobic exercises like walking or yoga will show up better results in weight loss.

One of the solutions to avoid the deposition of fats on the trunk area is drinking 500 ml water early morning (having a fast of 12 hours) because it has thermo-genic effect which increases 30% of metabolic rate. Drinking green tea everyday that has catechin as an active component will be helpful in mobilizing fats. However, per day allowance is 2 cups -3 cups a day.

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Improving muscle mass will also help to boost metabolism. Eating moderate amount of protein during the day at intervals will help to improve your muscle weight.

Eat better not less

Going lower with calories than requirement will lead to micronutrient deficiency .Thus focus should always be on eating better than eating less. 

Glycemic Index of the food indicates that how much that specific food item will increase the blood glucose level. Foods low with GI like green leafy vegetables, Gourds, Apple, Pear, pomegranate, papaya, citrus fruits, legumes, lentils and whole cereals should be consumed more.A study was conducted for 16 years on the effect of high GI food (refined flour, sugar) and it was concluded that there was weight gain. Thus low GI food is helpful in weight loss and maintenance of weight loss.  


Eating small frequent meals will help to prevent binge eating in main meals and snack on fruits more.

Strengthen your bones!

Vitamin D deficiency has a major role in maintaining the bone density. Vitamin D deficiency decreases the calcium absorption which leads to osteoporosis, an irreversible condition.

Having fatigue and tiredness or muscular pain, is a symptomatic signal conveyed by body about vitamin D deficiency. 

Alfalfa is one of the herbs that is helpful to build up strong bones. Vitamin K, Vitamin D and boron has been helpful to make the bone stronger.

Vitamin K rich foods are: Broccoli, collards, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, mustard greens, parsley , colocasia leaves .

Vitamin D rich foods are: Mushrooms, milk, egg , fortified food items.

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Make good fats as your best friends!

Good fats like omega-3 and omega -6 fatty acids are helpful in decreasing the triglyceride levels and improving the metabolic rate. Moderate amount of omega 6 should be consumed since it increases the oxidative stress in the body and thus increases the symptoms. 

  • Omega 3 rich foods are: Flax seeds, chia seeds, walnut, fish oil, sardine, spinach
  • Omega 6 rich food: vegetable oil, plant ,pistachio, hemp seeds

Nourish your skin:

Wrinkled face with marks makes you feel worried? Not to be when you have nutrition by your side.

A quick tipfor healthy glowing skin is to include antioxidant rich food in your day.

Antioxidants -a shield to cell damage!

Vitamin C is helpful in formation of collagen of the skin, so inclusion of food rich with vitamin C will definitely make your skin look healthier.

  • Vitamin C- Papaya, guava, orange, amla, dried apricot
  • Vitamin E- almond, walnut, sunflower seeds, butternut squash, olive oil.
  • Carotenoid rich food: tomatoes, carrot, beetroot, bell peppers

Have your personalized diet plan to meet up the goal

Can’t make all the changes together?

 Follow this mantra: Add and substitute; add healthy foods first and then substitute the junk.

An effective plan is better than piece of information stored in potent brain. A personalized diet plan made according to your basal metabolic energy with proper distribution of carbohydrate, protein and fats will help you to stay fit and improve the trend of your weighing scale.