We all want to have beautiful, luminous and healthy skin, but this is not always easy. What really is the key to healthy skin?

The skin is covered by a complex mixture of water and lipids, called the hydrolipidic mantle, which is responsible for preventing water loss and protecting us from external agents, in addition to giving the skin its velvety appearance. Therefore, keeping the cloak in perfect condition is vital for healthy and beautiful skin.

When the balance of the mantle is broken, dry skin appears, resulting in the appearance of micro-cracks in the skin’s natural protective barrier, causing loss of hydration and leaving it unprotected. The skin loses its luminosity, becomes tight, dull and uncomfortable.

Since ancient times, natural oils have been used to combat dryness, restore and protect skin in the most gentle way . But why have natural vegetable oils been and are the best option?

  1. They are able to retain the hydration of the skin for longer than milk or body lotions. They provide the lipids that our skin needs to balance the skin’s natural barrier.
  2. They are absorbed more deeply. Due to its composition rich in essential fatty acids it has a structure very similar to the lipids of the skin and, therefore, they fight dryness at deeper levels.
  3. They provide your skin with everything it needs . They are very rich in vitamins and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that intensely nourish the skin.
  4. They provide more intense and instant nutrition . Its texture blends perfectly with the skin, leaving your skin deeply nourished and velvety instantly.
  5. The oils allow you to live a unique sensory experience . Its oil format is ideal for massages that promote relaxation of the skin and muscles, thus reducing stress levels and promoting rest.
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It is important to pay attention to the origin and quality of the oils, since they must form a protective layer, but not occlude it, thus allowing the skin to breathe. For this reason, natural oils are the most suitable for skin care, since they envelop the skin, protecting it while allowing its correct oxygenation.

Weleda is an expert in body oils, all her oils are 100% natural and carefully processed to obtain the purest oils. Weleda pomegranate oil is obtained from pomegranate seeds through a cold-pressing system that preserves the properties of its ingredients. This oil is rich in punic acid and vitamins with high antioxidant power that fight free radicals and prevent aging.

Weleda combines in the Firming Oil of Granada 6 pure vegetable oils of the highest quality. Organic sesame, macadamia nut, and jojoba are easily absorbed and protect against loss of hydration. Millet extract and sunflower petals provide the skin with nutrients to keep it firm and elastic. Furthermore, these ingredients fight skin aging, providing vitality, firmness and luminosity. The skin becomes smoother, stronger and smoother.