A lipstick is one of the most important fashion accessories for every woman. It can complement your looks and enhance your aesthetics instantly. In fact, a lipstick colour that compliments your skin tone can prove to be an instant face transformation. So, all in all, lipstick is one of those style checks that just can’t be ignored.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in having an everyday makeup routine, but you must have some amazing shades in your vanity. From attractive nudes to ultra-light pink shades that keep the lips supple, smooth, and extremely beautiful – there are many options to choose from. Further, lipstick is the best moisturizer your lips can ever have.


So, if you have chapped lips, then apply some light coloured lipstick on your lips before going to bed. Take care to choose a good brand that keeps your lips soft and rosy.

Before we get started with the subject matter, we would like to point out that you must always use high-quality lipsticks. They might be pricey, but they don’t cause irritations and don’t make your lips dark. You can find all the popular brands on Purplle, which is the best online fashion store. To keep your branded lipstick shopping pocket-friendly, you can make use of the latest Purplle coupons.

1.Chocolate Colours:

Chocolate is an all-time favourite in the world of fashion. It is used in various forms, such as coffee or cocoa-based skincare products and even the deeply nourishing chocolate facial mask. So why shouldn’t your lips also have a really beautiful indulging and dark chocolate coloured lipstick? Chocolate coloured lipsticks can be worn by women with all skin tones as well.

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2.Toffee coloured lipstick shades:

Toffee coloured lipstick shade is a perfect combination of the Brown, Copper and Red colours and lies on the slightly brown side of the colour palette. A Brown coloured Lipstick is highly pigmented and is one of the must-have bold colours to flaunt. You can opt for the glossy toffee coloured lipsticks with a moisturizer to keep your lips drenched in attractive moist appearance and keep the dryness at bay.

3.Dark Berry coloured lipstick:

Another one of the dark lipstick colours to wear this summer season is the Dark Barry. This is a beautiful shade of Berry and is one of the most used lipstick colours for the people that like to wear muted colours. You can wear this shade on outings, parties, and formal evenings as it is a subtle shade.


4.The all-time favourite Red Orange lipstick:

For the people that just can’t stay away from the red lipstick colours, the Red-Orange is one of the most awesome combinations. Red-orange lip colour is compatible with all skin shades and is perfect for all the seasons. It is not too dark for the office and not too light as well. So, grab some Purplle Coupons and shop a Red Orange Lipstick today!

5.Dusty Rose lipstick:

If you are a lover of the pink palette lipsticks, then having a dusty Rose lipstick is one of the best picks. The Dusty Rose lipstick with a small amount of glitter can work magic on people with every kind of skin tone with its rosy mauve colour. It is also one of the go-to shades for all the seasons and will look great on anyone with any outfit. You can rock it on all the formal occasions, office days, and normal weekend outings without having to think twice.

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6.Rich Plum-coloured Lipstick:

If you are an admirer of the muted versions of the berry coloured lipsticks, then the rich plum tones are the best ones. The deep plum lipstick colour will add an instantaneous glamorous touch to your lips. You can also opt for the royal jewel-tone shade to make your lips appear wider and fuller.

7.Magenta Plum:

The Magenta Plum lipstick shade is a perfect combination of pink and purple. It comes in various intensities, and you can choose the one that goes well with your skin tone. You can wear this lip colour on special occasions to an element of drama to your appearance. From parties to ethnic outings, you can sport this colour as you wish.

8.Matte Ruby Red:

Matte lipsticks are the most reliable routine wear lipsticks that every woman has in her vanity. They keep you looking flawless for the entire day without coming-off. One compulsory matte lipstick shade for every woman is ruby red. This colour is an utterly beautiful form of red that also makes your lips appear fuller. You can use them daily as well, and that too without looking tacky.

9.Coral Lipsticks:

The coral lipstick is delicate yet, captivating, which makes your appearance bubbly. This is not a daring shade and goes well with every occasion. Coral lipsticks also suit every skin tone as they come in lots of different colours.

10.Rich Claret Pink:

This shade is a perfect combination of style and sass and comes in many amazing colours. This has the right amount of pink and red to form an utterly flirtatious lip colour. You can wear this shade in daily routine, in office, and even for outings. This is one of those few colours that can suit all kinds of moods and all kinds of dresses. So, you must have this in your vanity.

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If you are a person that loves to experiment with her looks and can opt for really tricky coloured lipsticks, then a classic navy blue, sparkling purple, magenta plum, and a beige-mauve lipstick are the best options. So, girls, the list is over. We hope that all of our pretty ladies found one or two new shades to buy. Did we miss your favourite colour? Which one of these shades are you going to buy? Please share your opinions with us in the comments.