A value proposition is a resource to transmit objectively and directly the advantages that a company can bring to its customers.

Showing your clients what your company can offer is essential to get them involved.

The value proposition relates the most important aspects of a company and positions it among its consumers, which improves its ability to solve the problems they have.

All this is shown in objective, transparent and creative content.

A new business requires a series of efforts, planning and, above all, a great positioning before the market and the public.

A key part of this is the value proposition, a simple strategic tool that has a high capacity to generate engagement in people interested in the company.

However, to have this efficiency it needs to be well built.

Defining a good value proposition is the first step in showing how your company can satisfy a niche customer efficiently and accurately.

However, few people know how to develop this positioning in the right way. There is a specific standard that allows a more precise result and with better chances of attracting more clients.

In this post you will better understand the role of the value proposition and how it can be important if it is done correctly.

Learn more about the importance, what it must contain and how to develop yours and succeed in positioning your company!

What is a value proposition and what are its characteristics?

The value proposition is an original marketing practice that aims to give the customer a clear, concise and transparent idea of ​​how a particular business can be relevant to him .

Developing this idea is one of the key steps in any planning strategy. It is a mistake to start a new business without having this concept well formulated.

Each company is founded on the basis of pillars of action and practices before the market and the public. These ideas should guide the value proposition and from them this business will offer its products or services to the public.

When the proposal is developed, it is understood what the company will offer, so it is essential to be very transparent in this content.

1. The business must be exalted and strengthened

In this type of presentation, there is a great tendency to strengthen the company against the market, demonstrating why choose your company and not the competition .

Of course, to highlight your work it is not necessary, much less recommended, to despise other market participants. The customer wants to know why your business should be their choice and not why not choose your competitors.

In other words, the important thing is to strengthen how a company can solve the problem of its audience. At this point it is essential to briefly point out the necessary solution and, also, detail the discomfort or dissatisfaction caused by the client’s pain.

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From this, then, the capacity of the product or service to solve the problem and provide satisfaction must be demonstrated.

The benefits of what your company offers should be highlighted, since they are the differentials of your business. Those are the main reasons why the consumer should choose your company and not the competitors, who are often as competent as you are.

Must be objective and easy to find

With the growth of digital and especially e-commerce , the value proposition became more relevant for companies.

By visiting a site , whether institutional or online, the consumer seeks to understand how that company can help him. At that time, the value proposition is a resource that can conquer the continuity or abandonment of the user.

The impact generated by this resource is relevant and, because of that, it is crucial for companies. Given this, the proposal must be accessible and highly visible so that it can be easily found.

Another point that makes the difference is the presentation. An interesting design and the good structuring of the information and images increase the engagement of your audience.

Why should the value proposition be customer focused?

If this level is reached, the chances that the customer understands why they should buy from your business increase.

A value proposition with good chances of creating engagement must be customer-centric. This is a real challenge as it speaks to a company, but it must be deep enough to show all the forms of advantage that this business can provide.

Whether in sales or service, the consumer will always be the focus, after all, he will be the one who will enjoy the solution. This makes it clear how the value proposition should be properly targeted as an indispensable tool.

It can be a big mistake to think that good products are enough to win over customers . They also want a detailed explanation to take the next step for sure.

The consumer 3.0 or prosumer is a very important concept and helps to understand how the well-executed value proposition becomes even more relevant.

Today, we are looking for more than a good product that can be bought, since experience is what has the most value.

The advancement of the digital age and all its resources have considerably increased the level of demand and consumer attention.

Before making a purchase, the Internet user will search for references and more information about a company. Content is part of the consumer’s routine and searches these bases for the certainty you need to invest in articles and services.

The value proposition is an excellent resource to deliver this information clearly and with the positioning that the public needs, that is, with an accurate indication of how it can meet their demands.

Items of value to the consumer

Does your company know what really matters to the consumer? The parameters are extensive and have different origins. With each solution to a problem, a person seeks different values ​​and that is precisely what the proposal must address.

Compared to what the potential customer is looking for, the content should present precisely how the product or service will help the buyer.

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However, a good proposal depends on the identification of the most common elements of value for the consumer.

This is exactly what the Bain & Company consultancy did , determining these elements within four categories :

  • Social impact,
  • life change,
  • emotional benefit
  • and functional benefit.

What are the pillars of a value proposition?

A value proposition has fundamental parameters to have a good performance at the moment it reaches the consumer. This in its construction has fundamental and conceptual aspects.

For example, if you sell running shoes you must show the consumer that they will find exactly the product and the efficiency they are looking for.

Each of these aspects should be included in the proposal so that, when read, it is clearly understood that these requirements have been duly met.

By meeting these requirements, you can confirm that your value proposition has a solid foundation and is capable of sparking engagement. Then find out what these must-haves are.


The clearer the proposal, the easier it will be to get the message across to the consumer . It is essential that you understand the mission of your company when offering a service or product.

Therefore, if you are selling high performance sneakers for people who like to run, this central idea should be clear without the reader of the proposal having to make great efforts to understand it.

Clarity is one of the main parameters of good communication content .

In the case of a commercial text , the rapid understanding of the consumer means that the company had the concern of being direct and objective when talking about itself. Appreciating this immediate and simplified impact is very important.


Each business works with a well-defined target audience , which determines a language that must be specific to that relationship.

When you know who you’re talking to, you naturally have to communicate in the most appropriate way and language has a direct impact on that.

By taking this into account, your company will be closer to its audience, with a more natural and appropriate approach.

If the target audience is younger, for example, it is possible to use clearer and even deeper language in the proposal.

The more appropriate the language, the more engagement you will provoke . In this way, it shows that your company is truly native to its segment and understands its audience.


The proposal must be totally adequate and based on what the company does, without trying to further improve its qualities. This exaggeration could result in an escape from reality, for example.

Another key point is to be honest and objective when describing how the services or the product can help the pain of this target audience. Transparency is of great value in the proposal.

Realizing this, the consumer feels more confident and understands that they can expect exactly what is described.

This frankness and impartiality are elements that greatly favor acceptance and closeness between the consumer and the brand.


The proposal should also direct the consumer to what they will find in contact with your company.

This is the best way to be objective in this contact with the value proposition, which can often be the first content that this person consumes in a relationship with the company .

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It is also at that time that value must be reinforced and highlighted. For this, the differentials must be shown .

Among them we can highlight: free shipping, below market price, great payment methods and a series of other really valuable advantages for the consumer.

How to make an impeccable value proposition?

A good value proposition should follow a standard structure, made up of elements that make reading more intuitive, practical and provide the consumer with the information they really need.

Each of these elements reinforces the relevance of the content and helps enrich the proposal. Get to know each of them below!

1. Title

The main part of the proposal, the title must be succinct, but must provide information on what your company does in a maximum of 2 sentences .

To enrich it, brands often use shocking phrases that grab the reader’s attention with sophisticated intonation. Following the example of the shoe store, this title could be something like:

“The best sports shoes so that your performance has no barriers.”

2. Subtitle

The subtitle is the section where the proposal is more detailed, with more specific information about the business.

In general, around 3 lines are enough to talk more about what a company does, who the product is aimed at and what benefits it brings.

for example: “a good performance, when you run, depends directly on a shoe capable of converting the impact into propulsion.

Our sneakers can increase your ability and endurance while practicing, helping you to overcome your own limits. ”

3. Bulletpoints

Bulletpoints have the power to capture the reader’s attention as they stand out from the rest of the text .

These are topics in which the company will highlight the main benefits of the product, indicating how they meet consumer needs.

In the example of the shoe company we could work as follows:

  • Unbeatable price: high-quality shoes with the best cost-benefit on the market;
  • Comfort: the best shock absorption technology at your disposal.
  • Warranty: All shoes have a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


The visual appeal is very important when driving campaigns and information within a website.

They should be used to give more emphasis to the value proposition, always illustrating the idea that is addressed in the written content . The important thing is that the main message is reinforced.

What examples of value proposition are there?

What do you think if we see some value propositions that currently stand out? Below we separate 2 very interesting examples that you already know for sure!



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A good value proposition shows your clients how interesting your solutions are and how they solve their problem.