hands of Artificial Intelligence

When we read about Artificial Intelligence, we might think that it is the technology of the future, the truth is that it is a resource that, well implemented in the present, allows us to respond very quickly and face the challenges of a changing environment.

This article was written by a human; The precision is pertinent, because on September 8 The Guardian published an opinion piece written by the Artificial Intelligence GPT-3 , which once again opened one of the debates that I listen to the most, how far can this technology take us? Without a doubt I understand the origin of the question, from my perspective the answer is much more hopeful than what the doubt in the face of the unknown could indicate.

I would change the question to What can we achieve with this technology? The truth is that we are still far from a chapter of “Black Mirror” and closer to having new tools to achieve Japanese Kaizen. Let’s think about the possibilities of using this programming to detect and act on the possible incidents that may arise in the daily operation of various companies in industries that require a high standard of compliance.

According to KPMG , at least 56% of Senior Management considers that operational risks are the main challenge for their companies, so detecting possible incidents – even anticipating those that have not yet occurred – are a differentiator for better competitiveness Therefore, only in financial aspects, the consulting firm considers that companies can face losses of more than five million pesos a year due to errors and lack of risk control in operational, financial, legal and technological areas.

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Against this background, there are solutions based on AI and developed with various Machine Learning algorithms that are already implementable and give more certainty to companies, as it helps them to carry out a more agile, precise and real-time management of their operations, when searching anomalies, predict errors in various technological platforms and anticipate possible contingencies, proactively minimizing the probability and impact of any unavailability in complex technological systems, minimizing operational risks, guaranteeing the continuity of processes and enhancing the value of your data.

I’ll talk about a concrete example, just over a year ago Ontex , the leading manufacturer of hygiene solutions, approached us with a need: to predict anomalies in their business processes and reduce risk situations. This is a common ailment for many industries, a lot of time is wasted filling out reports and if there is an error, the time is doubled. The solution we saw was to implement predictive Artificial Intelligence , with this it was possible to reduce the number of incidents of its enterprise resource planning system -ERP for its acronym in English- by 57%. This allowed a 100% availability of the system, which generates greater operational efficiency.

The above is a sign that we are not talking about technological solutions of the future, that it is already a reality and that approaching Artificial Intelligence is a great idea. Those sectors that require greater protection of their critical systems – such as financial, health, manufacturing, retail , or the public sector – find AI an ally, since it allows them to act proactively before any event occurs. serious incident, providing the possibility for IT teams to make quick and efficient decisions, even when they are distributed in different geographical points or working remotely. 

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It is no coincidence that companies look for solutions that allow them greater operational agility: every hour and day that managers do not have to dedicate to solving an incident or the lack of availability of the system is an hour that they dedicate to the business strategy: power plan to respond in an ever faster and more agile way to the new opportunities of an increasingly digitized environment. 

The range of technological solutions available today in our country is very wide, sometimes when we read about Artificial Intelligence we might think that it is about the technology of the future, the truth is that it is a resource that, well implemented in the present, allows us to respond very quickly and face the challenges of a changing environment. This technology can lead us to grow, improve and better focus the talent of our people. Taking action today will allow us to prosper in the future. The invitation to ask what can I achieve with technology? it will have a very favorable impact on the way you do business.