Health Tips:

Coughs and colds can be a sign of any major illness in our body. They should not be negligent. Doing so … fever, headache, sore throat, drowsiness, vomiting can cause various problems. That is why you should check for the problem at the outset. Especially if you know how to check for colds and coughs. Heat foods such as Cool Drinks, Spicy Spicy Foods, Biryani, etc. If you consume less … keep the body under heat control … By heating by mistake … Immediately following these steps, you can completely control the cold and cough.

Black peppercorns + honey:


Dry 8 black pepper seeds and mix in one tablespoon of honey. If you take this mixture once again before bedtime, in the morning and in the morning … coughing.

Ginger + turmeric powder + honey:

Crush a small piece of ginger … Add in boiling water and cook. Cook a minute or so in the sim. Stop the stove and mix well. Add a tablespoon of honey. Turn the pinch (a quarter of a teaspoon) yellow. Mix well. Drink it early in the morning. Drink in the evening.

Raw turmeric + almonds + munnakka + tulsi + milk:

Take water. Get an inch of yellow horn. Cook until the water is half full. 8 Add the basil leaves. Add 6 almonds. Add 6 or 8 currants. Take a cup of milk. Cook on large flame. Then reduce the flame and keep it in the sim for 5 minutes. Now add a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder. Add a teaspoon of honey. Mix well. Keep cool. Drink while the nail is warm. Do this twice a day. Drink it before going to sleep … cough, colds.

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Bay leaf + cinnamon stick + cloves + black peppercorns + dry ginger powder:

Take the leaves of cilantro, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, dried ginger powder. Everything needs to be dried. Put them in 2 cups of water. Heat in sim. Water should be done in half. Stop the stove and mix well. Drink the nail warm twice a day.

Whole almonds + black peppercorns + desi mishri:


6 almonds with peel, 6 peppers, a small piece of lard. These should be eaten in the morning before eating anything. Then the cough and colds … baboy go away.


Garlic contains ellicin. If garlic is chewed, the ellicin … boosts immunity. Eliminates seasonal diseases. Before you eat anything in the morning… chew two garlic buns. Say goodbye to cough and colds. (8 hours per day). Nutrition should be eaten. Drink water well. Exercise. Then the cough and cold will not come.