Guide on how to disavow links using disavow
Guide on how to disavow links using disavow

Disavow for links that harm our website

Today we are going to explain how to eliminate those URLs that come to our website from pages of dubious quality and that only annoy us and seriously harm our SEO.

Just as a link to our website from a quality page would improve our pagerank thanks to the linkjuice , a bad link can annoy us this enough.

Why are dodgy web links bad for the positioning or SEO of our website? Very simple, because ‘tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you how you are’ .

But …  why would a harmful page, Spam or something like that link to me? If I haven’t done anything😟… Well, because the world is not fair.

Well, it’s hard for you to realize that you have dubious quality incoming backlinks if you don’t investigate it. For this we can use programs like SISTRIX or Search Console . ✅

How to identify bad links to our website

I am going to explain Search Console (with the new version, ole me) because it is available to everyone, it is free and being equally valid for our purpose, it seems the best option to make our guide disavow .

Finding harmful URLs with Search Console

We enter Search Console and click on the links option  (search traffic-Links to your website in the old Search Console) and we will see several fields with titles such as External links, Internal links and Websites with more links .

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The last one is the one that interests us the most and we can already see some ugly link like the one in the photo, so we stop at it and give ‘more information’ to find more 👌.

How do we know which are bad links? Well … you don’t have to be a lynx to know that by the name ‘’ you can already sense that something strange has …

Tools to analyze the quality of a website and its URLs

However, we can also go to the web and analyze it with countless Chrome extensions such as Domain Hunter Plus , Page Analytics and with MOZ to see the Domain Autorithy (DA), Page Autorithy (PA) and the Spam Score.

As we can see (well, you really don’t see a damn, so I rectify): As I can see 😂, the PA is 1 and the DA is 2 😁.

Also with Domain Hunter Plus you can see the number of links it has (315), too many for such a crappy page .

With this we already have more than enough to know that this page is not good, in fact it is appreciated that it is a copy of the IDEAL newspaper and they have taken the trouble to put the same name on the head, what monkeys, so monkeys that I I want to moriiirrrrr.

How to disavow

Well, once we have a list of bad domains we have to put them in a notebook .

In this case we do not want to delete the link of this particular page, but the backlinks of the entire web , so we have to put domain: I put these 2 that I have found as a summary.

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In case we wanted to block the link of only one page of the web , we will do it the same but without putting domain :

We save the file in the default .txt format and we are going to  disavow links tool a valuable tool from Google.

Here we have to choose our website (several come out if there are several associated clients) and upload the file . Doing so will tell you that x domains have been unauthorized and x pages . In the case of the capture that I put below they are 15 because I have added some more.

Once this is done, we can close and let Google do its work that we will review every day.

Recommendations to keep in mind when disavowing

  • Be very careful with the analysis of the websites, once we disavow them it will be very expensive to repair if we have made a mistake. So corroborate that a website is really harmful.
  • Beware of disavowing individual web pages or entire websites with the use of ‘domain:’
  • If we have previously uploaded an article we can download it in csv and copy it in notepad and add the new found pages, so we always work on it and we know what we are doing .
  • Just because a page has a low DA and PA doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be something awful full of spam , so you have to look at more factors and have a little common sense.

Conclusions for SEO and disavow

With certainty many people will think that for a bad website that links you nothing happens and they will prefer not to get into these disavow topics. The same happens with infinity of mini-problems more in SEO, but warning, a grain of sand and another and another and another end up forming a barn .

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YES it is important to do all these little things, at least if we want to position ourselves as the best, since curiously … in the small details are the big differences .